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Sponsored by: Hunt <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2014-064 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA,AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO PURCHASE FROM <br /> VALLEY POWER SYSTEMS, INC. THE COMPONENTS, INCLUDING <br /> INSTALLATION, SUPPORTING THE RELOCATION OF TWO (2) <br /> ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIESEL (EMD) GENERATORS, PREVIOUSLY <br /> PURCHASED FROM ARCTIC PACK, TO BE ENCLOSED IN THE NEW <br /> GENERATOR BUILDING FOR AN AMOUNT OF $212,403.01 AND <br /> ESTABLISHING A CONTINGENCY FUND OF $21,240.30, AND <br /> APPROPRIATING FUNDS <br /> WHEREAS, on June 11, 2012, Council approved Resolution 2012-028 accepting a grant <br /> from Alaska Energy Authority to upgrade and update generation facilities at Fort Raymond <br /> Generation Plant for $3,960,000 and appropriating funds; and <br /> WHEREAS,two(2)Electro-Motive Diesel(EMD)generators will require the installation of <br /> sensors and servers for automation; and <br /> WHEREAS,this equipment must be converted to air starters because the electric starters are <br /> no longer manufactured and are unavailable as spares; and <br /> WHEREAS, the restrictions and provisions of Articles 2 and 3 of chapter 6.10 shall not <br /> apply to supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services which can only be furnished by a <br /> single dealer, or which have a uniform published price, pursuant to SCC 6.10.120(A)(5); and <br /> WHEREAS, Valley Power Systems, Inc. is the designated EMD factory representative <br /> serving Alaska and are the sole source for the equipment and expertise necessary to upgrade these <br /> EMD Generators; and <br /> WHEREAS,Valley Power Systems,Inc.has quoted parts,labor and service to upgrade two <br /> (2) EMD Generators and to provide specialty items necessary to upgrade support systems, such as <br /> increase air supply and fuel systems, for a price not to exceed $212,403.01; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is prudent to establish a contingency fund in the amount of$21,240.30 (or <br /> 10%). Thus,the contingency funding and the proposal costs require a total funding of$233,643.31. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF SEWARD, ALASKA that: <br /> r.• <br />