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Sponsored by: Hunt <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2014-075 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA,REQUESTING THE ALASKA BOARD OF FISHERIES HOLD ITS <br /> 2017 UPPER COOK INLET FINFISH MEETING ON THE KENAI <br /> PENINSULA, AND APPROVING KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH AND <br /> MUNICIPALITIES JOINT RESOLUTION 2014-01 <br /> WHEREAS,Upper Cook Inlet finfish are a vital and long-standing component of the City of <br /> Seward economy and community; and, <br /> WHEREAS, Seward residents are impacted by Board of Fisheries decisions regarding Upper <br /> Cook Inlet finfish; and, <br /> WHEREAS,the Alaska Board of Fisheries Upper Cook Inlet Finfish regular meeting has not <br /> been held on the Kenai Peninsula since 1999; and, <br /> WHEREAS, Alaska and Seward residents and businesses benefit from informed science <br /> based fisheries management, strategies and practices; and, <br /> WHEREAS, sound management, strategies and practices are developed by transparent <br /> processes, accessible public meetings and user participation, knowledge and representation; and, <br /> WHEREAS,conducting the Alaska Board of Fisheries regular meetings concerning Upper <br /> Cook Inlet finfish exclusively in Anchorage instead of rotating locations between Anchorage and all <br /> communities affected by the Board's management decisions greatly hampers public participation due <br /> to the substantial expense and burden of attending multi-day meetings in Anchorage; and, <br /> WHEREAS,all users of public resources are entitled to reasonable access to public meetings <br /> and processes concerning matters affecting their economy, livelihood and lifestyle; and, <br /> WHEREAS,holding the 2017 Alaska Board of Fisheries Upper Cook Inlet Finfish meeting <br /> on the Kenai Peninsula would improve the amount of testimony about local traditional knowledge to <br /> the board, which is a great resource for the Board of Fisheries; and, <br /> WHEREAS,it is in the best interest of the residents and visitors to both the Kenai Peninsula <br /> and the Anchorage area to maintain healthy well-managed salmon stocks and provide opportunities <br /> and access for diverse user groups; and, <br /> WHEREAS,Joint Resolution No.2014-01;A Joint Resolution of the Assembly of the Kenai <br /> Peninsula Borough, and Councils of the City of Homer, City of Kenai, City of Seldovia, City of <br /> Seward and City of Soldotna, Requesting the Alaska Board of Fisheries Hold its 2017 Upper Cook <br />