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Sponsored by: Hunt <br /> CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2014-086 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO <br /> TWO LEASE AND SALE AGREEMENTS WITH THE ALASKA <br /> RAILROAD CORPORATION (ARRC) FOR AN EXCHANGE OF <br /> UPLANDS ALONG FOURTH AVENUE AND TIDELANDS <br /> CONTAINING THE SMALL BOAT HARBOR EAST BREAKWATER <br /> WHEREAS, for at least ten years the Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) has had <br /> plans for a Mariner's Landing commercial development on its uplands between the J and F dock <br /> fire lanes; and <br /> WHEREAS, in part, the plans have not been implemented pending the relocation of the <br /> USCG facilities formerly at the head of F-float, which occupied land owned by both the ARRC <br /> and the City of Seward, which land has now been vacated; and <br /> WHEREAS, the city also owns a small sliver of land along Fourth Avenue adjoining the <br /> west boundary of the ARRC property, a portion of which is currently leased to the ARRC and <br /> sublet to James Pruitt for parking at the Holiday Inn Express hotel; and <br /> L.. WHEREAS, neither city parcel is developable as a stand-alone lot; and <br /> WHEREAS, the ARRC desires to acquire these lots, do the replatting necessary to <br /> vacate the lot line and allow construction on that part of the property, and to develop the entire <br /> area; and <br /> WHEREAS, the city requires clear access through fire lanes/pedestrian access to both J <br /> and F floats, and a utility easement along Fourth Avenue to repair and upgrade utilities as <br /> necessary; <br /> WHEREAS, as part of the South Harbor Expansion, the city moved the Small Boat <br /> Harbor breakwater eastward onto ARRC lands near the coal dock; and <br /> WHEREAS, the city built a fish cleaning station at J-dock, and an oil recycling facility <br /> along the J-dock fire lane, both on ARRC property; and <br /> WHEREAS, the city has a lease from the ARRC for the fish cleaning station and oil <br /> recycling facility, holds a reciprocal lease to the ARRC for the portion of Lot 1 Block 6 (sliver) <br /> used for parking, and has a separate lease for the ARRC of the breakwater lands; and <br /> WHEREAS, the reciprocal leases act as consideration for each other, and the city pays <br /> ihme <br /> rent to the ARRC for the breakwater lands; and <br />