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Sponsored by: Hunt <br /> CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2014-097 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, AUTHORIZING PURCHASE OF A BOBCAT TOOLCAT 5600 <br /> UTILIZING THE STATE OF ALASKA CONTRACT IN THE AMOUNT <br /> OF $53,755.00 <br /> WHEREAS, the existing Bobcat Toolcat is 15 years old and has provided years and <br /> hours of hard service to the City, and is a critical and versatile tool for maintaining City parks, <br /> campgrounds, ball fields, parking lots, bike paths and other City facilities for the Parks and <br /> Recreation, Parking, and Public Works departments; and <br /> WHEREAS, the existing machine is in high demand for competing uses during the <br /> summer season, and is used for snow removal and other purposes in the winter, making it <br /> necessary to maintain operability; and <br /> WHEREAS, the age and hard use of the current Toolcat machine resulted in significant <br /> downtime this summer and required thousands of dollars of repairs, necessitating its replacement <br /> to minimize disruption to City maintenance and repair projects; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City's 2014 Budget authorized $70,000 for the replacement of this <br /> bur multi-tool tractor; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Seward will utilize the State of Alaska's contract to purchase a <br /> Bobcat Toolcat 5600 G-Series from Anchorage Craig Taylor Equipment, Co in the amount of <br /> $53,755, for a savings of$16,240 from the approved budget; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Seward City Code authorizes the City to utilize competitive bids <br /> obtained from other governmental entities, and purchase of this vehicle utilizing the State's bid <br /> saves the City over $14,000 from their previous price quote to the City for this same vehicle; <br /> and <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA that: <br /> Section 1. The City Council hereby waives the competitive procurement requirements of <br /> the City Code in accordance with Seward City Code 6.10.120(B) which authorizes the purchase <br /> of products or services utilizing competitive bids obtained by other governmental entities. <br /> Section 2. The City Manager is hereby authorized to purchase a Bobcat Toolcat 5600 <br /> from Craig Taylor Equipment Co. utilizing the State of Alaska's competitive bid, in the amount <br /> of$53,755, with funding from the Motor Pool Fund as appropriated in the 2014 Budget. <br />