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Sponsored by: Seward Historic Preservation Commission <br /> CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA <br /> HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION <br /> RESOLUTION 2015-003 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE SEWARD HISTORIC PRESERVATION <br /> COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA, <br /> RECOMMENDING CITY COUNCIL APPROVE DONATING <br /> APPROXIMATELY 1. 7 ACRES OF LOT 11A, FORT RAYMOND <br /> SUBDIVISION, REPLAT NUMBER 1, FOR DEVELOPMENT OF A <br /> SENIOR HOUSING FACILITY WITH CONDITIONS <br /> WHEREAS, the Council requested the Historic Preservation Commission to review the <br /> proposed transfer following a Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing, and <br /> provide Council recommendation on the Lot 11A, Fort Raymond Subdivision suggested <br /> location; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Seward, through its Historic Preservation Commission holds <br /> ongoing responsibilities as a Certified Local Government (CLG), which require provision for <br /> recognition of the historically significant activities, structures and the people who helped build <br /> Seward. It is the responsibility of the Seward Historic Preservation Commission to assist with the <br /> continuing education of citizens regarding local historic preservation and community history; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the Powers and Duties of the Historic Preservation Commission (Seward <br /> City Code 2. 30.425),include: <br /> 2) Survey and inventory community historic architectural and archaeological <br /> resources within the community, <br /> 4) Act in an advisory role to other officials and departments of local government <br /> regarding the identification and protection of local historic and archaeological <br /> resources,and <br /> 7) Review local projects and recommendations about the effect on properties <br /> identified in the local historic preservation inventory; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Second World War was a major formative event in Seward's history, <br /> and Fort Raymond was the major facility of that war within Seward City limits; and <br /> WHEREAS, Lot 11A, Fort Raymond Subdivision lies within the perimeter of the <br /> original Fort Raymond; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is unknown if neither a surface nor subsurface survey of items of possible <br /> historical or archeological importance on the Fort Raymond tract has not been done; and <br />