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<br />Tm~N OF S...,'WARD, ALASKA <br /> <br />~OLUTION NO. 14 <br /> <br />H RrBOLUTION CALLING A. ::!P6ClAL ~;T.8;CTION FOR TH~ PURPOSE <br />OF DET~iINING W'Ht,'TI-iJ~;R OR NOT THE G,;UALH'I.r;D VOTto;RS OF TH~ TCTw'"N OF <br />3.8"JiiRD, ALA0KA, .3HOULD AUTHOH.IZE TH.i!; IS::>UANCi, OF FlliV""NUE BONDS IN <br />AN AVl.OUNT NOT TO ii:XCKE:D FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND (9400,000) lJOLLA.'lS <br />FOR 'fHE PURPOSb: OF PUH.CHASlNG, REHABILITATING, B~TT.8RING AND EX- <br />TiJmrNG ITS 'WATER D13TRIBUTION SY3TJili, PURSUANT TO TITLE 48, SECTION <br />44F, U.S.C.A. OR ACT OF CONGH3SS OF ~uutCH 6, 1946. <br /> <br />dE IT RBSOLVlill by the Council of the Town of ::>eward, Alaska: <br /> <br />Section 1. ::>pecial Election. That a special election be <br />held on 26, February, 1952, at Seward, Alaska, for the purpose of <br />determining whether the Town of Seward shall issue revenue bonds, <br />pursuant to Act of March 6, 1946, or 60 stat. 33, in an amount not <br />to exceed Four Hundred Thousand ($400,000) Dollars, for the purpose <br />of ?urchasing, rehabilitating, bettering and extending its water dis- <br />tribution system. <br /> <br />Section.]. F'orm o..Lf!.'EPosition. That at said election the <br />following proposition be submitted to the qualified electors, as here- <br />inafter defined, of the Town of Seward: <br /> <br />Proposition "A". Shall the Town of Seward, Alaska, <br />issue revenue bonds, payable solely from unp1edzed revenue of <br />its water distribution system, under authority of Act of <br />March 6, 1946, in an amount not to exceed Four Hundred Thousand <br />C$400,000) Dollars, for the purpose of purchasing, rehabilita- <br />ting, bettering and extending its water distribution system? <br /> <br />Section 3. Qualific~~Jp~p_!or Voters. The qualifications <br />for voters at said election shall be as follows: <br /> <br />(a) They must be citizens of the United states, <br />twenty-one (21) years of age and over. <br /> <br />(b) They must be actual and bona fide residents <br />of Alaska and they must have been such residents continuously <br />during the entire year immediately preceding the election, <br />and must have been such residents continuously for thirty (0) <br />days next preceding the election in the Town of Seward, Alaska. <br /> <br />(c) They must be able to read and write the <br />~g1ish language as prescribed and provided in Title 38, <br />Chapter I, Section 2, A.C.L.A. 1949, and not barred from <br />voting by any other provision of law. <br /> <br />(d) They must have registered at the City Hall, <br />Seward, Alaska, within the time provided 'bj' ordinance ,rior to <br />the election. <br /> <br />Section ~. Registration as Prerequisite. Registration shall <br />be required as a qualification of the voters at this election as pro- <br />vided by the laws of the Town of Seward. The registration book will be <br />open daily at the office of the Municipal Clerk and Registrar at the City <br />Hall, Town of Seward, Alaska, from 10:00 A.H. until 3:00 P.!-:, daily ex- <br />cept 3aturda;)rs (from 10:00 A.E. untH 12:00 noon), Sundays and holidays, <br />and until 3:00 ::'.1"., two days before the said election or 'llltil ~:h.":xNonn <br />~ February, 1952. Copies of the registration books or the registra- <br />tion books shall be furnished the judges qnd clerks of election. <br />