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<br />r <br /> <br />CITY OF SEWARD <br /> <br />SEWARD. ALASKA <br /> <br />GATEWAY TO INTERIOR ALASKA <br /> <br />R '" SOL T] T ION ~ ilo. _18 <br /> <br />1'he Co:mwn Council of the City of Seward, jUa~'ka, <br />b2ing desirous of elin-,inating ra'.. sehage on the adjec'lnt <br />bee.,ches at IUlY time, will extend the se1;rer outal1s oE the <br />proposed se\'ler i T.~'rOV0I:lents to ',elow lowest Iou tide. If <br />possible, and funds are ~vai1ablc, the sewer outfall <br />extensions 'viiIl he included in {:}c8 ~;'ro~)osed :.laska ~ublic <br />1Torks project. If not Lasible under the proposed .tiaske. <br />?ublic 'Horks .)roject, the City of Seward will ext0nd the <br />out falls Hi th City funds at the time of the }1..1asko. rublic <br />i:!orks proj ect cOnlf-lotion. <br /> <br />':Lnc rule:o (7over':linc; the ador:ti on or resolutions are <br />hero'~~r SUS!.Iended E..nd Cin 3merl}ency is declared to 2:~ist, and. <br />thi s Resolution shall l.-,e effective iTI1lT'.Cdidel y upon its <br />introduction, bv the Common Council of the City or Seward, <br />this ;Lf~- daY. of April, 1952. <br /> <br />( (-. '7 <br /> <br />:/~'c:1 ~ A' -1 c:'<--%-,-,oZ,,7 <br />\), {~ -;j 1'1o.yo <br />Atb:"st ~'-~ ~ ' <br />City Clerk <br />