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<br />CITY Ot" 3J.!:IUHD, AL,:;3KA <br /> <br />PC'''OL''':ION NO. 4" <br />"""" '.. .7"'l <br /> <br />ANNb:A.ATION BATI!Ev! JGHOOL AREA; CALLING S:?ECIAL <br />~L~CTION~O 3U~rrT ~UESTION OF ANNEYJ~TICN TO <br />H;LECTORS <br /> <br />BY IT RiSaL\! ~D, BY THE CIn OF 5E'.'JARD, ALASKA <br /> <br />1. Hl of the owners of substantial property interests in land or <br /> <br />poss~ssory rights in land, or improvements upon land in that certain area contig- <br /> <br />uous and adjacent to the City of Seward, Alaska, and described as follows: <br /> <br />Commencing at a point that 1iee 350 feet east of corner <br />post No.4 of U. S. Jurvey No. 241, being the same as corner <br />post No.2 of U. S. Survey No. 242, thence north 330 feet; <br />thence east 660 feet; thence south JJO feet to a point ~on <br />the 'southern boundary Gf the U. S. Survey No. 242 (abandoned), <br />ca~1"t,inuing aO'"th 415 feet more or less to a point; thence <br />west 276.14 feet to a point at the nQrtheast oorn~r of Seward <br />city limits, and continuing along the northern boundarJ of <br />said citJ :imits for 383.26 feet to a point; thence north 415 <br />feet Jaore or le,a to the point of beginning, said tr"lct of <br />land containing 6.3 acr~s, ~ore or less, <br /> <br />ha'dng petitioned th.t said a.rea be annexed to the City of Seward and said petition <br /> <br />having been presented in Open Court before the U. S. District Court, 'fhird Judicial <br /> <br />Division a.t Anchore"ge, Alaska, and public h~a.ring having been held. on the issues <br /> <br />raised by said petition and the said U. .j. District Court having determined that <br /> <br />it is just and reasonable that the proposed annexation take place and that the <br /> <br />petition was bona fide and in accorda..'1ce \~ith law, and the court having further <br /> <br />ordered that ~ election be held with respect to the matter, toe Council of the <br /> <br />City of Seward hereby determines to submit the question of the annexation of the <br />above-described area to the electors of the City of Seward, Alaska and to the <br />electors, if any, ~eeiding in tht Territory proposed by the petition to be annexed <br /> <br />to the said City of Seward. <br /> <br />2. A special election 'vo determine this matter shall be held on Tues- <br /> <br />day, April 21, 1953, at Se'tlardJ Alaska, and in the area so sought to be annexed. <br /> <br /> <br />3. The propositiDn to be voted Upilll at s~id special election shall be <br /> <br />as follows: <br /> <br />PROPOSITION NO.1 <br /> <br />"-'hall the Bayview School Area or that certain area commencing <br />at a point that lies 350 feet east of corner post No.4 of U.S. <br />;:>urvey No. 241, 'Jeing the same as comer post No.2 of U. S. <br />Survey No. 242, thence north 330 feet; thence east 660 feet; <br />