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<br />r---- <br /> <br />~...-.......,.~-~~ <br /> <br />,~ <br /> <br />AUTHORIZATION OF CORPORATE SIGNATURES <br /> <br />CI'lY OF BE.WARD <br /> <br />CORPORATE NAME <br /> <br />Ma W e."","'_____,_,___m,"_~,~,~,~,~,~___~!~~.!E___,___,__- _,,_and___,__,_"____!l.!.9..~!,c!,'~!~~~____,______,___,________,m_ <br /> <br />.ct~i~~r~ respectively of,__,_,_______q~,!,r,,!~__~~_~~___,____,________,_________,__,,_______m_m__'___'___,____ <br /> <br />(alcorporation). hereby certify that the following is a full. true and correct copy of a resolution adopted by the <br />Ci tv Council. . {Regular}. . Council 18th <br />B~rs of said corporation at a ~ . ~ meetmg of said __ held on the----_=-~--,-,-------\T.:=----,-- <br />I - ~uncil nllIetinq <br />day oL_____,_____~I,_____,_,_,________________. 19_~~___. and duly recorded in the minutes of said Draar.~O\lr',",.fllIl <br /> <br />Resolution €J ~~ <br />"RESOLVED. That SEATTLE TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK be and it hereby is selected as a <br />depositary for the funds of this corporation. and that said funds shalt be withdrawn from said depositary on <br />the checks. drafts. withdrawal receipts. or orders of this corporation. signed in the corporate name by any <br /> <br />__,___~~__'m__'__'________,____of the foltowing: <br />(Indicate numbrr of .ilnature. required) <br /> <br />,__,___,____~'-!l'll_J~..lllttI_____'m_'_'_______"m'm'_"___,_,________'m_"__'__________,_________'____m__________'m____ <br /> <br /> <br />,______"m~~''il!~_~__~~~!_,___,_,_,_,__,__''______,___''__,____________"'m__'__"'m'_____""m""__',,_______,_,__________,_______ <br /> <br />and that the authority hereby conferred shalt extend to and include the authority of said signing officers to <br />draw checks. drafts. withdrawal receipts. or orders payable to his or their own order. or to bearer. or for his <br />own use and benefit. and to obtain payment or credit on such checks. drafts. withdrawal receipts. or orders. <br />and to endorse and obtain payment or credit for checks. drafts. withdrawal receipts. or orders payable to this <br />corporation as payee or endorsee. without liability on the part of the depositary. and that this authority <br />shalt continue in force until notice of its revocation in writing is received by the depositary. Endorsements <br />for deposit may be made by rubber stamp and shalt bind the corporation to the same effect as though signed <br />by the properly authorized officer." <br /> <br />"RESOLVED FURTHER. that the persons herein authorized to act with respect to said account are <br />empowered on behalf of this corporation to execute said bank's signature card binding tms corporation to <br />the Rules and Regulations of said bank Governing Checking Accounts. and to any amendments. modifica- <br />tions or additions thereto." <br /> <br />We further certify thaL-m____,_,Ruuell,~.1nbr__,______m___m_______,______,js the_~~,!____I'l<..U"",' <br /> <br />and,_____________!l.!~~,_~,!~~~________,________________,_,__,__'_____m____'m'm_________, is the _g_!:t:l__~~_r~m__Sl_..,,!I' . <br /> <br /> <br />and,___,___________,__,_________,____m__________,__mm__,____,______,___________'_m'___'___'m________ is the____________,_,_,__________m___,__ <br /> <br />of said corporation. duly and regularly elected as such officers. and. as such. authorized under the above reso- <br />lution to sign checks. drafts. withdrawal receipts. or orders until notice in writing of the election and quali- <br />fication of their successors is received by the depositary. <br />Mu.ncipal <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF. We have hereunto set our hands and caused the seal of this/corporation to be <br /> <br />hereunto affixed on thiL_,_,~~~_____m_m__day oL,mm'__~!_ __ <br /> <br /> <br />Mayor <br />f '_ . 0 ~,. City Clerk <br />._-~~------- &..-~. <br /> <br />SEAL <br /> <br />c'. <br />