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<br />r~ <br /> <br />96 <br /> <br />.~ON JlO~ ~. <br /> <br />ApproY1ac .. aathorb1ng acc.~aaee of <br />a deecI, t....naterriDc all right, tide <br />.... lIIt.hR ., the Ullited Stat.. 1n <br />... to a h1P .....1 buiWIlI wttll <br />eq....... _ the ...ab of utlat" <br />eMt. fit' .... Id.&h "001 but ldinc with <br />.....p.tat: aIId ....orisiag. pa~t of <br />tile ,.......~. <br /> <br />\III~, ....... to the authwity eoataiaecl in the Alaska <br />Public Work. let, .Pl"'cmt<< Auguat 24, 1M9 (63 stat. 627, 48 V.S.c. <br />486), the thdtlill !tate. ef' ..rica, hfloelnatter called the United <br />Statu, eateN illto . .....ject Conatruetion and Sale, Agl"f;en.ent with <br />the City of h'tJU'd, Alaska, hereinafter called the Oity, ""eMY the <br />United State. ...... to CIOIIIuact and p1"OTtcle tor the City a high <br />school buildilll with eq1It)llllftt, ......lnatter called the Project; and <br />.mala,. pwlUlrt ~ IlAid Agree..nt the United. States has <br />carried the eoans l.6t1oa aad eompletlOIl ot the .....ject to the .tage <br />that it is ready tw .nstaatt1al occupaacy and u.. and is prepared <br />to transfer all right. title and interelt of the Ub.ited States in <br />and to said Preject to the City .a prOVided in the Alaska Publ1e <br />Works Act and. at......"d Project eonatruc1:ion and Sales Agreement, <br />at an estbated. parella. price of 'lbree Hundred Kine 'thousand rive <br />Ihmdred Fifty Dolla... (U09,550), nbjeet to subsequent adjustment <br /> <br />when tinal COR' or the Project have been determined; and <br />WItERIAS, the City Council of the City has examined and <br /> <br />approved the propo..d plan of transfer and is now prepared to author- <br />ise the acceptance of a deed, transferring said Project to the City <br /> <br />in consideration of the payment to the United States of a purchase <br /> <br />price which equals fifty per cent (50%) of the t(')tal of the ectual <br />cotta to the U.:ttetl Statel of the ProjfKtt; <br />