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<br />r- <br /> <br />II <br />II <br />J <br /> <br />Q ESOUJ fI( 'N NC' /J,.( <br /> <br />,\ pr::";OLU fIL'N "~,UTHOPIZING THE ;\('(.:EPTANCE OF PROl:'03E:D <br />;\('r;l~ElI.'ENT RErWEEN THE CITY cn: SEWAf-ti) ANn 'TH[ TEHPITOHY <br />O!- \1 \";l( t\ THHOUGH ITS Tf::HHI f(IRIAL EN(;{, FOR IMI ROVE <br />l\lENTS TU THE3Mi\LL 80AT HARBOl'\. <br /> <br />'0iHEf~ E <\'3 the City is desirous of secunng ad:l1armal IT,ooring <br />fClvilities as shown on the plans prepared by the Territory and <br /> <br />WHEH EAS the said tT'ooring facilities are within the <br />elas':llftc3t on of a WaleI' and harbor facility as classified in Chapter J.7 <br />'::;LA 1955 and <br /> <br />NI-E;H E \'::; the Territorv has approved an allotment ,,[ not to <br />exceed Twenlv Five Thousand Dollars ($25 0(1('. (II) from the Water and <br />Harbor Fac ihtil'sFunei: awl <br /> <br />\VHEH E\'\ a Pl'op0sed agreerr:ent between the City of Seward <br />and the Terrl1vry of Alaska has been prepareci and suhmitted to the <br />C:itv C:I')uJlcd <br /> <br />I\1UI,V THEH~;FOH[, BE IT K,ESOLVED BY fHE ('(llV1'V1( N <br />('OUNCIL 0\7 TH"~ CI rv CF SEWAR f) .\1. '\SKA: <br /> <br />That the !\:'ayor of lhp City of Seward !w, and he is hereby <br />authorized to execulf' the proposerl a/Treement on behalf of tne C lty of <br />'""ewa l't bf'!Ween said city anei tbe Ternt')ry of ~laska for the construction <br />and n::rlabilitation of thf' Sn'all Boat Hart.>or of the City of Seward. <br /> <br />Dated this <br /> <br /> <br />da:,>, of Jul.\ <br /> <br />'\1test <br /> <br />\ <br />J/,' ,/ /' <br />:I~ .-. , i <br />..,.. .~~-F~t-~. <br />Cl'.y 71erk <br />