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<br />r <br /> <br />RES 0 L UTI 0 N <br />NO. 104 <br /> <br />BE IT RSSOLVED by the Corrunon Council of the Ci ty of Seward, <br />Alaska, that the following named persons' shall act as Judges, <br />Clerks ani as Inspector of Election at the Regular Municipal <br />Election on October 2, 1956, at Seward, Alaska. Said Municipal <br />Election to be held for the purpose of voting forY(3) Councilman <br />for two year tenus, one (1) Councilman for one year term, \IRe (1) <br />M..y"'" fel v,,~ ye",l I:ern" one (1) Utili ty Board Member for three <br />year term, one Utility Board Mewber for five year tenn, and one (1) <br />School Board Hellmer for a five year term:and also the question <br />will be placed on the ballot as to whether or not the qualified <br />voters of the City of Seward, Alaska for the purpose of participating <br />in the constructio,' of a combination amory and gynmasium adjacent <br />to the Seward high, School in conjunction with the Alaska National <br />Guard, issue negotiable interest-bearing general obligation ronds <br />secured by pledge of the general revenues of the City of Seward <br />and to be retired frot: the said City's share of the Territorial <br />tobacco tax funds, in the total amount of Seventy-five Thousandi <br />($75,000.00) Dollars or so much of such sum a::; may be necessary <br />to provide funds for the above stated purpose pursuant to the <br />Acts of Congress approved V~y 28, 1936, Chap. 467, 49 stato 1388- <br />1389; June 14, 1937, Chap. 337, 50 stat. 258 (Section 16-5-2 <br />through 16-'5-4, Alaska Compiled Laws Annotated, 1949) <br /> <br />JUDGES: <br /> <br />Dwight D. Boe (Inspector) <br />Mildred E. Kirkpatrick <br />Eda Myers <br /> <br />CLERKS : <br /> <br />Lenore Robbins <br />Wilma Lind <br /> <br />The rules governin'J the passage and approval of resolutions are . <br />her8by suspended and this Resolution shall l::e effecti ve immediatley <br />upon its introduction and ~ssage this 4th day of September, 19560 <br /> <br />~~Q~J-t_ <br />PE1{RY . STQ~:''TON <br />Mayor <br />City of Seward <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />Ji ~ / <br />~fA. ~~d.L.-~ <br />CI CLER <br />