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<br />II <br /> <br />iESOLUTIOlf <br /> <br />10. 106 <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED B'f THE COMK)N OOUJICIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, AloASIA, <br />that Re..1ution Ie. 104, ., ie.o1uUoa appoiatiDlJ Judoes ud Clerke <br />at the Regular Mu.a1cripal "lecUon to be held. Oatober 2, 1951, <br />be ...adecl to the HQ'or a. a va...t offiee iaa.....h .. a Mayor <br />.... only Ir:Ie elected. on odd. IlUIbered. years ud the appobtaeat of a <br />Hayor 18 for the ..tire uae:lpired. tem of the penon whNe red9Jllltioa <br />CI&..ed lI1lah vaCJ&l\GY. <br /> <br />DATED THIS /7 ~. of SEPT.EHBER, 1151. <br /> <br />~ --) %~ <br />y~ '/,,( <br />P . sroa:TCII <br />MA.YOR <br /> <br />ATrES'l'l <br /> <br />CIT'! CI.Ei[ <br />