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<br />r <br /> <br />RE SOL UTI 0 N .~ /?' 7' <br />/ <br /> <br />BE 1'1' RE80LVlm by the 01 ty 000011 of the Ga, ot Seward, <br />Territory of Alaska: <br /> <br />w1iER2AS. Standard 011 Company of Calttornla baa applied for <br />a perat t to use . portion of RaUw., .lvenlM to~ the pupoee of oon- <br />structing, maintaining and repaIring thereunder certain pipelines <br />tor the oonveyanoe of petrol... produo". and <br /> <br />WURlAS. the ..e of tbe lU1d Oft watch au.a pel'll! t w..Id De <br />granted ia no longer ne<leal!lS~ for municipal pttr~es, Now, Therefore. <br />ft,.,.." If. $'-'4/('ti..,) p.,.~ t: R. j,V.. <br />B2 rI' ~~OLVED that Al@A F~~P.YiCh, Ao'lng Mayor. and <br />Margaret .AndersOft, ca, Clerk, be aad ~h.J herebl u. authol'lud to <br />execute and issue, tor and on behalf of the City of Seward, a use per- <br />mit granting uid Standard 011 Company of California the 1'1.ght to t.l8e <br />a portion of Railway Ave... tor pipeline purpOIea tor a period of <br />twenty (20) ,eara on the te~ and conditions set forth 1n 8 oopy of <br />proposed St....t Uee Pel'lllt au.Ute.. herewith and filed with the min- <br />utes ot th1.8 .etloa ., the Counen. <br /> <br />9~"Tt'ICA'1'1 <br /> <br />This oer'tltlel that the foregoing 18 a oOlllplete, true and <br />correct oopy of 8, r..olvtlon adopted at e regular meet1ng of t~ City <br />Council of the City of' Sewe.r!!. Haake held 011 tM .=,-:::!!- daJ' of ~j. ~ <br />1956; that 8ald _eting wi. called and MId as required bl the "law. oJ'"- <br />Alaska and the ord1nancee of Idd City, a quor\ll1 ... pre..nt when the <br />same was adopted and the Street Use Perm1t attached hl"l"eto 11 1n the <br />form suba1tie4 wtth reBolutloa and (1184 .ith th~ m1n~te. ot sata <br />..Ung. <br /> <br />\/1 Wrnf'ESS Ill)' hand aM the .ea.l or .ald 01t1 th1. o~ ~ of <br />H~/~ ' 1956. <br /> <br />);~r4{~ <br />