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<br />:iESOLUTION NO. 115 <br /> <br />A ?3:JOLUTIOn 'iZL,TIVE TO <br />URBAN .2I..d.NNING ASSIST.cilJCZ <br /> <br />JHE"J.:"lS. the City of Seward desires to provide for a planning study <br />contibuting to an over-all Vrogram for future community development, the <br />preservation of community values, ti,e prevention of conditions tendinG to <br />cause urban blight, and the promotion of the beneral health, safety, and welfare <br />of its citizend; and <br /> <br />-,i;l~;:.8..lS. tHe Terri torLil ,"",ency. Alaska Housing authority under authority <br />of Chapter 19. ~ession Laws of Alaska 1957. may provide planning assistance for <br />SUCI. a program and receive financial aSLiistc,nce from the Urban Renewal .l.dministration, <br />as ~uthorized by 'section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954 (Public Laws, 8jrd Congress); <br />now, therefore. be it <br /> <br />EJ.;.;uLV:ID. that t,"e City Council of the C~ ty of .seward hereby reque:sts the <br />Alaska 30using Authority to provide planning assistance under the above &uthority. <br /> <br />'7P~T. tid City Council of the City of Seward, subject to approval of such <br />pl:mning assistance by the 'l'erritorial and Federal Authorities, hereby authorizes: <br /> <br />(a) ,,;ayment to the Alaska Housine.; Authority of a sum not to <br />exceed ~1,500.00 and. <br /> <br />(b) use of personnel of tile City of Seward for technical <br />assistance in this ~roject, which assistance has an <br />estimated value of $500.00. <br /> <br />THAT, tne total estllllated cost of tile City of Sewctrd's project as planned <br />is $4.000.00. <br /> <br />TH.:,T, the Mayor of the City of Saward be, and he hereby is authorized and <br />empowered to execute in the ndWle of tIle city all necessary contracts and dGreements <br />to inllJlement and carry out the ;,urpose specified in this resoli.!tion. <br /> <br />jj~ IT F'G,iTi~R !ill50LVillJ. that the rules governino trle ~a"sabe of Resolutions <br />_re hereby sus~'ended and this Resolution shall be effeICtive irmnediat"ly Ul-'on its <br />introduction and pass~ge. <br /> <br />.l?asbed by the City Council of the City of Se'.,:;.rd this I;?, d day of <br />1957, <br /> <br />5pr;: <br />, <br /> <br />Q,~"YS $.Ji.y. <br /> <br />A TT::.sT : <br /> <br />~~Jd/~ <br /> <br />City Clerk <br />