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<br />" <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />::L~SOLvT::\;H I~O. 117 <br /> <br />\'flL;_~.~. tllC:: people of t,~e City oi' Jeward, seek tLrcu",h tLe (,OJ,ilJiCn Council. <br />the benafit to be derived from tLe devdlopment of nydroelelOtric power Clt Cresent <br />L,d",e ne--1' J::'iile thirty-two (]2), .sew~,rd .-nchor-be hibl,wd.Y, and <br /> <br />t/;u;;<::..w, it is necessary to con~truet an Electric f'ower Transmission line <br />in orddr to transmit the said hydroelectric r,ower to the City of .JewClrd, Clnd <br /> <br />"{l;E;')~,..s. in the construe t ion of said transmission line it has become neceSS'o1ry <br />to cross the rie;ht of W'-lY of the Alaska Railroad at two points, which said points <br />are defined as, Crossing No.1 (Prim Rose) at railroad lViile Post 18.1, and crossing <br />No.2 (Lawing) at Railroad Mile Post 2~.7, and <br /> <br />WlL:::RK":", tile ",':'0.512 Railroad has offer"d to extend a permit i or th" Co bove <br />mentioned crossin.,; to ti,e City of Sa'lard ;lUrsuant to tI,e provisions L'f a QocJJllent <br />identified by the AlaSKa Railroad Contract as No. 14-04-0G3-l445. which said <br />cuntrad provicies otLer thinGS for an initial fee of thirty-five ($35.0C) <br />dollars plus a continuinG fde of twelve ($l~.OC) dollars to be paid anually in <br />advance to the railroctd, and <br /> <br />w,-;~, it is necessar;; that the ~bove llientioned contr,.c:t be executed on <br />behalf of tJ,e City of StMdrd. anJ. that paY-l"ent of the fees hereinuDove described <br />be made. <br /> <br />lW-.'f 'i.cfu;;ciEFCRL: BE IT RBSULV..ID. thcit the I'IaJor of tice City of Sewcird be, cd1d <br />he is. Lereby autho~^ized to execute th" c..aia Contrad on behalf of the City of <br />3e\ol3.rd, and <br /> <br />IT lS YURI':_JFi RE3l,LVw, that the Seward Electric Systelli be, "nd the." are <br />hbreby directed to n,a1.e payment of the fees her"inabove and in the Contr,.ct <br />set forth. <br /> <br />AN EH:J:"G:.::NCY IS RE,,~Y DECLh.HED, to exist, and the rul~s ",overnin,:; the passag" <br />and r"soiution aI'" her"by suspended and this resolutjon shdll be given immediate <br />ef~ect ctS of th" day of its pass_g". <br /> <br />PaLsed and approved this / -<.z:3 duy of <br /> <br />~L)r: <br /> <br />. 1957. <br /> <br />c2 Q Jb~~>j, <br /> <br />71'~YOr ;, / <br /> <br />aIT;;aT I <br /> <br />4~'~<Z/'~~L/ <br /> <br />Ci ty Clerk <br />