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<br />r" <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 131 <br /> <br />WH.&:REAS expenditure. from Tarioull City of Seward funds are presently author. <br /> <br />bed by the City ~1l thauQh 'oIlU"ranta drawn upon the First National Baak of <br /> <br />Anohoraqe, Seward Branch, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS there has been a oMR;1e in the offices of the City Manaqer and the <br /> <br />City Clerk of theei ty Of ~rd and, <br /> <br />WHfREAS it hu b~e neOeHary that the First Nati0l141 Bank of Altohorag., <br /> <br /> <br />Seward Branoh be instructed and authorized to honor City of Seward warranb _ft- <br /> <br /> <br />tainiag certai n sip ture. <br /> <br />1ItW, THEREl'ORE BE 1'1' RIBX.V!D, and it b hereby ruolved. that the Flut <br />'.tional BaM: or Aftcll\ClIl'aq_, SWard Bratldh, be, and it is hereby instructed to <br />hcmor the dQftatur.. of G. O. Meaclriak as City Kanaqer, Viol-t A~ Fhh u City <br />Clerk and Fred lael.e.t1 u Clty Tre..urer efhoth_ April 6, 1959 for all <br />warranh drawn upon the Clty of Seward, General Fund, Sales Tax Fund. City of <br />Seward Marine Wa,.. Bond Redeption Pund, 'l'u Sale Fund City of Seward, Capital <br />Iapro"...nt FUnd, School Botd R_Untlll8nt Fund 1949 bwe, and 1954 Sewb Bold <br />Pwd Aoc:ounb of the City of &rward. <br /> <br />AB li'MERG.illCf IS HiREBY DEa..ARED ro EXlS'f and the .JUl.. gonrdnq the p...agoe <br /> <br />of ordiQllnoe. fUld resol.ions are hefeby sulPClded and thh reHluttoa h g1Ya <br />." ... <br />i_diste effect 9O. its P"~ ucl..PP~YIl1. <br /> <br />Pu.ed and apptOTM this 6th day of April, 1159. <br /> <br />~J7-&y a ~jiJ d <br />Pury i.;Y stookton... Jr... "year <br /> <br />A Tl'E.!';T I <br /> <br />f Ii. <br />/' ',1 . l~ .. <br />At'--&l {; -1 (A/ <br />Violet A. Fhih, City Clerk <br /> <br />I hereby certifY that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of City of Seward <br />Re801ution No. 131 u passed by tile City Council of the City of Seward on the <br />6th day of April, 1959. <br /> <br />