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<br />r~ <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 133 <br /> <br />vlTlEREAS expenditures from various City of Seward funds are presently <br /> <br />authorized by the Ci ty Counci 1 thrOlJcTh warrants drawn upon the First <br /> <br />National Bank of Ancr.oraqe, Seward Branch, and <br /> <br />vTHEREAS there [las been a chanqe in the office of tne City Clerk of <br /> <br />the City of Seward and, <br /> <br />WlffiREf8 it has become necessary that the First National Bank of <br /> <br />A.nchorage, Seward Branch be instructed and authorized to honor City of <br /> <br />Seward warrants conteininq certain signatures <br /> <br />NCM, THEREFORE BE IT REOOLVED, and it is hereby resolved, that the <br /> <br />First National Bank of Anchorage, Seward Branch, be, and it is hereby <br /> <br />instructed to honor the signatures of G, O. Headrick as City Manager, <br /> <br />Blanche Gray as City Clerk and Fred Kielcheski as City Treasurer <br /> <br />effective May 25, 1959 for all warrants drawn upon the City of Seward, <br /> <br />General Fund, S?les Tax Fund, City of Seward Marine \.Jays Bond Redemption <br /> <br />Fund, Tax Sale Fund City of Seward, Capital Improvement Fund, School <br /> <br />Bond Retirement Fund 1949 Issue, and 1954 Sewer Bond Fund Accounts of the <br /> <br />City of Seward. <br /> <br />AN El-'l.F.RGENCY IS PEREBY DECLARED 'ill EXIST and the rules croverning <br /> <br />the pa~saqe of ordinanceR and resolutions are hereby suspended and this <br /> <br />resolution is given immediate effect upon its passaqe and approval. <br /> <br />Passed and ~pproved this 25th day of May, lq59. <br /> <br />(~~ Q '/~L5' <br /> <br />Perry R. Stockton, Jr., Mlyor - <br /> <br />J1.TTE...9T: <br /> <br />f"} Lf <br />Ifl(~ ,,"<.0. /- 10' d r <br />Blan;he r;T~Y, City Cl~rk <br /> <br />r certi fy thiJ. t the forr:>qoi nq is a t rue and correct CODY .)f '{esa] 11 t lon <br />No. 1~3. pa~~ed by the City ~ol1ncil of th~ ~ity of Seward on the <br />twenty-fifth day of May ] 959. <br /> <br />1" <br />, 1(. ^ / ..1', <br />;, '- - ( "::' c j-~ <-. . ~ L-- <br /> <br />r.:rav. Ci tv ~1 erk If <br /> <br />.-***~ <br /> <br />Blanche <br />