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<br />RISOltU'l'IOJf <br /> <br />NO. <br /> <br />BE IT RDOLVD b7 tbe Clt7 councU or the 01tJ' or <br />SeWU'd.. state of Alallka: <br />WSBRIU.. Standal"d on COIpaD1' of cal1tomta bu applied <br />foro a pel"lll1t to uee a. port1on. of Rall~ Avenue tor the purpoae <br />of conatNct1n&.. ma1Dtallllns and :repalr1ns thereunder certain <br />pipelines tor the conve;yance or petroleum pZ"Oduou.. a.nd <br />WHER1.WJ.. the \lite of the land on which 8l.IOh pe1'Jld.t would <br />be IJ'Bftted 18 no longer neoeaear,v tor lIIdDic1pa1 pUl'pO..., Now.. <br />1beret01'e .. <br />BB rr JUmOLVID that .. MiQ'Or. <br />and C1t!7 C1.ftl'lK. be &nC1 aq hereby <br />are au,;nQrUreG ~ wouli8 db taaue.. tor and on behalf ot the <br />OU,. of 1e1fUd. a U8e pera1t putlDa ...1d SteM_", on ~D7 <br />of C&l1tornta the 1'1&ht to 'WIe a port1on of BaUwq Avenue tor <br />p1pel1ne pUrpOH8 tor a period of not .... tban twentJ' (20) <br />yeaJ"lS on the teNlt and oCll'ldltiona ..t torth in a oop,. of pl"O- <br />posed street U8e Pem1t 8U'bwl tte4 berewttb and tUed nth the <br />m1nutel or th1s ..tlag ~ the CCNIlOU. <br /> <br />OKRTIlleAfB <br /> <br />'Ibis oerttt1e8 that the toreso1nS i8 a. cOlllplete. tl'Ue <br />and CorNot copy of a ruolutlon a.d.opte4 at a ft&U,lar -.tq <br />of the City counoU ot thectt1 ot 8ewud. A.1.Uka.. held on the <br />dIq of 1959J tbat 8&14 ..t1ng va. <br />C&J.J.ed and held as 1-e4'l1l'eG ~ me ian ot A1a.1ka and the oNi- <br />oances of 1&1d Cl_. .. CJUOl"UlI ... pt;aent when tbe ... ._ <br />adopted and. the St1"eet tJae Pe1'lll1t -at aabed hereto 1_ 10 the tom <br />8UbJIS1tte4 with ...14 1"UlOlut.loo and tUe4 nth the mtnutea ot <br />a1d meettns. <br />1flll'.lfDS m;y hand and. the '''611 01 8&1d City' th1a <br />.. 1959. <br /> <br />of <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />City C1e1'1c <br />