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<br />1 <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />PAGE 1 <br /> <br />VOLUME 1 <br /> <br />SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br />AND THE <br />HARBOR COMMISSION <br />SEPTEMBER 3, 1975 <br /> <br />Item 1- <br />Meeting <br />to order <br /> <br />Call to Order: Chairman Leirer called the Special Joint <br />of the Harbor Commission and Planning and Zoning Commission <br />at 7:35 P.M. in the Council Chambers. <br /> <br />Item 2- Roll <br />Commissioners <br />Also, present <br />and Crawford. <br />Goresen. <br /> <br />Call: Roll was called and those present were Chmn. Leirer, <br />Mai, LeFlore, Noyes, Beissner, Kowalski, Gilman and Lammers. <br />were Chmn. Weimar and Commissioners Bennie, Pollard, Clasby <br />Commissioners absent were Booher, Anderson, Torgerson and <br /> <br />Item 3- Public Hearing regarding the Proposed Lease of a Section of Tide <br />Lands immediately south of the existing southern most breakwater, approximately <br />1,000 feet by 650 feet in size. Representing the Chugach Development Corp. <br />was Mr. Roy Roehl who indicated they had made a proposal to the City Council <br />for the lease of the specified area for a thirty (30) year period for the <br />purpose of constructing a forty-five (45) unit motel with restaurant and <br />lounge facilities. Commission discussed followed and it was noted that the <br />expansion of the Small Boat Harbor may go south and be in front of the pro- <br />posed lease area. It was noted that a hundred (100) foot setback on the <br />motel would be desirable to provide future municipal access to this area. <br />Chairman Leirer opened the Public Hearing. Mr. John Smith noted that the <br />only point mentioned was the extension of the Small Boat Harbor and suggested <br />it would be necessary to cancel or reacquire the leaseland for access to the <br />Boat Harbor. He added he did not like to see all the land go for a forty-five <br />(45) unit motel. Mr. Oscar Johnson was present and inquired about the owner- <br />ship north of the harbor and Chairman Leirer indentifed the Alaska Railroad <br />and the City of Seward as being the owners in that location. There being <br />no one else who desired to be heard Chairman Leirer closed the Public Hearing. <br />Commission discussion followed and Commissioner Gilman seconded by Commission <br />Lammers moved to recommend to the City Council to lease to the Chugach Develop- <br />ment Corp. the necessary space for current development and to provide an <br />option for five years (5) on an additional parcel of land needed for construct- <br />ion of a second forty-five (45) units reserving enough land to support additional <br />Small Boat Harbor development and public access. Motion passed unanimously by <br />both Harbor and Planning and Zoning Commissions. <br /> <br />Item 4- Review of Ordinance No. 409 A, AN ORDINANCE DETERMINING THE LOCATION <br />FOR FUTURE CONSTRUCTION OF BULK PETROLEUM FOR GAS STORAGE TANKS WITHIN THE <br />CITY OF SEWARD. Commission discussion followed the introduction of this item. <br />Commissioners Kowalski seconded by Commission Gilman moved to recommend <br />to the City Council that the words "or south of the Lowell Creek Outfall" be <br />added to the Ordinance after the word "Harbor". Motion passed unanimously. <br /> <br />Item 5- At this time Chairman Leirer recessed the joint meeting of the <br />Planning and Zoning and Harbor Commissions noting that the additional items <br />