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<br />121 <br /> <br />PAGE 121 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING - JANUARY 10, 1979 <br /> <br />VOLUME 1 <br /> <br />V. <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS: (cont'd) <br /> <br />LOCAL ORGS/ <br />MARATHON <br />ADDN: (cont'd) <br /> <br />Lane, Knorr, Plunkett letter of November 28, 1978, <br />submitting application for conditional use permit, <br />including schematic plot plan <br /> <br />Kenai Peninsula Borough Senior Planner Ottesen's <br />memorandum dated January 3, 1979, submitting <br />facts of the application, analysis and staff <br />recommendation <br /> <br />Lewis Robertson, Director, Housing Development and Construction, Alaska State <br />Housing Authority (ASHA), and Mike Plunkett, ASHA inspecting architect, appeared <br />from the audience, posted dimensioned plans of the proposed construction, and <br />spoke and answered questions on the planned 3-story, 34 foot building to be <br />located on resubdivided Lot 4A, containing approximately one acre. Robertson <br />commented that most activity from the complex would occur on the east side <br />of the building, therefore, should not cause a disturbance to surrounding <br />property owners. He stated there were adequate City utilities to service the <br />complex and that the site was the most feasible location for the housing <br />complex due to its proximity to the doctors' clinic, hospital, nursing home <br />and downtown shopping area. Further, he stated the proposed complex was in <br />harmony with the community plan. He stated that the structure would have an <br />approximate value of $1.7 million and most construction would take place on- <br />site, thereby creating a signjf:kant local job market. Plunkett stated parking <br />would be made available for 38 cars, the complex would have a sprinkler system <br />for fire protection, would contain a social area with kitchen, telescoping <br />hydraulic elevator, enameled steel roof, and that the 30 one-bedroom units <br />would each be approximately 550 square feet. <br /> <br />Bob McCabe, property owner on the south side of Jefferson Street, <br />appeared from the audience and spoke against the proposed 30-unit complex, <br />stating he would be less opposed to a 20 uni4 2-story structure with other <br />than a metal roof. He requested that ASHA submit a scale model of the proposed <br />construction which would also contain the surrounding homes in order to give <br />the property owners abutting the proposed development a better concept of the <br />project. <br /> <br />Revelle Roach, Chairman of the Seward Senior Citizens, appeared and <br />spoke in favor of the construction, stating that a survey had been conducted <br />and it had been determined that there was a need for 30 units of elderly <br />housing. He commented that Seward was the home of 231 senior citizens, the <br />highest density of seniors in the State. <br /> <br />Bob White, Lot 10, Marathon Addition, appeared and spoke against <br />the construction, stating his lot was located to the west of the proposed <br />housing and the 3-story structure would block his view of the Bay and, thus, <br />have an adverse affect on his property value. Ottesen distributed pictures <br />which had been taken from Mr. White's lot, showing the abundance of vegeta- <br />tion east of White's property. He contended that the construction project <br />would not block White's view of the Bay because the presence of the vegetation <br />already effectively blocked any possible view. White stated he had not been <br />notified of this evening's public hearing. Admin. Asst. replied that a certi- <br />fied notice had been mailed to him at a Seward address as listed on the <br />