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<br />PAGE 49 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEEI'ING - JANUARY 6, 1988 <br /> <br />VOLUME 02 <br /> <br />1. CALL TO ORDER: <br /> <br />The January 6, 1988, regular rreeting of the Seward <br />Advisory Planning and Zoning Corrmission was called to order at <br />7: 30 p.m. by Acting Chair Margaret Branson. <br /> <br />II. OPENING CEREM:lNY: <br /> <br />Waived <br /> <br />III. ROLL CALL: <br /> <br />Present were: Acting Chair Branson and Corrmissioners <br />Authier, Lindsey and Sutherland <br />(Johnson, Thorne and Woodruff were <br />absent) <br /> <br />Present also: Administrative Assistant Martin and <br />City Clerk Murphy <br /> <br />IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br /> <br />A. SUTHERLAND MJVED TO APPROVE THE NOVEMBER 4, 1987, <br />MINUTES AS WRI'ITEN; THE IDl'ICN WAS SEX:ONDED BY AUTHIER AND <br />CARRIED WITHOUT OBJECI'ION. <br /> <br />V. APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEEI'ING AGENDA: <br /> <br />The regular meeting agenda was approved without <br />objection. <br /> <br />VI. CORRESPONDENCE: <br /> <br />A. Novenber 20, 1987, letter from Vera Dance, <br />President of the Lowell Canyon Townhouse Association, requesting <br />assistance in delaying the construction of any additional <br />low-income or subsidized housing projects in the Seward area was <br />noted. Sutherland stated that there is currently a 50% vacancy <br />rate in the lDwell Canyon 'I'odnhouses. He added that as long as <br />such housing was available, no new subsidized housing should be <br />constructed. <br /> <br />V. PUBLIC HFARINGS: <br /> <br />A. Notice of public hearing as posted and published <br />by law relative to a proposed Seward Urban District Zoning Code <br />amendrrent changing the minimum lot size in the Harbor Cornrercial <br />(HC) zone from 8,000 S.f. to "no minimum" was noted and the <br />public hearing was opened; no one appeared in order to be heard <br />and the public hearing was closed. <br /> <br />Martin noted that all of the lots in question are <br />owned by the city which would allow the city to set the standard <br />for the type of develor:;nent in the HarlJor. He stated that <br /> <br />49 <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS/ <br />ZONING CODE/HAR- <br />BOR COMMERCIAL <br />DISTRICT: (Amend. <br />minimum lot 5Z.) <br />