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<br />0')13 <br />L't. , <br /> <br />City of Seward, Alaska <br />November 6, 1991 <br /> <br />Planning Commission Minutes <br />Volume 2, Page 233 <br /> <br />G. Copies having been made available to the public, Sutherland noted by title <br />only a proposed resolution entitled: <br /> <br />A Resolution of the Planning Commission of the City of <br />Seward, Alaska, recommending that the City Council <br />consent to the replat of Lots 6-9, Folz Subdivision, into a <br />single lot by vacating the internal property lines. <br /> <br />Kowalski moved to approve Resolution No. 91-012; the motion was seconded by <br />Bardarson. The question was called, and the resolution was approved by unanimous <br />vote. <br /> <br />10. UNFINISHED BUSINESS None <br /> <br />11. NEW BUSINESS None <br /> <br />12. ADMINISTRATION REPORTS <br /> <br />Martin noted the November 7th special meeting called by the Council to discuss <br />the proposal to construct a boat harbor at Nash Road and distribute Garzini's housing <br />report. Martin also noted that he had received a request from a woman wishing to work <br />as an intern in his department. He stated that, unless there was some objection from the <br />Council, she would be working a few days each week for approximately 6 months. <br /> <br />13. COMMISSION DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Kowalski stated that she would like to schedule discussion of allowing <br />construction on 30-ft. lots in the downtown area. <br /> <br />Sutherland complained about the chambers' sound system. <br /> <br />14. CITIZENS' DISCUSSION None <br /> <br />~.i~....; <br />I:~~J> ot~.~.~ M::t9.~MISSION & ADMINISTRATION RESPONSE TO CITIZENS' COM- <br />el "'\p.fO"..~S None <br />.J ().-, f'c)" ", <br />J -.; :IJ:.A L AD~q~RNMENT <br />d SE . f <br />\ '. <$ - ~1;,~.e' mjeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. <br />-::\ \f"'~~" 1.~~""","~1 <br />'?; )>-. ...... ..C:l /' <br />,. .~." rf \.~/" <br />'.. e....... <br />..,.' <br />~ <br /> <br /> <br />