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<br />"ImLV ('OlT~T"TL ,cTi'1TTTT,. ~ Regular Yeetinp' ..:: anuary :cc;., ~_Su2 <br />v. -L J ~,.'JL '"..L-".' _-">..J C) <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />cancerned that she felt this was ridiculaus. Mr. Turner then asked <br />far the salaries 0.1' the adminiscrative section and an effart was <br />made to. compare from the audi~. The Controller requested permissian <br />to. advise that there -"ere a couple af thin6s which should be cansid- <br />ered in camparing fiBures and made special note thaG she was not <br />trying to. pramate one view over another, but ~hat it shauld be <br />realized that the Street Department labar cast is partly reimbursed <br />by the cantract with the State for maintenance a: Third Avenue; <br />and also. that it is very difficult to. compare administrative cost <br />from the audit fram the two. years in question as there had been a <br />different methad of showing this in the audit andL1.e budget far <br />6l-62 than in previaus years; that previously a partian af the ad- <br />ministrative salaries at all levels was nat shawn in the City bud- <br />get ar audit and was charged to. the utilities where naw the entire <br />figure is shawn in the City budget and audit and a partian is billed <br />the utilities. Mr. Turner advised that he felt that urrEr the kind <br />of ecanamy the Manager is trying to. put into. effect that he shauld <br />cut all departments and start with the administrative. The Can- <br />traIler advised that a camparisan cauld be drawn if the Cauncil <br />wished, but that it taak same time and cauld not be dane at a glance <br />0.1' the audit. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. Richie cammented an his apinian 0.1' a personnel matter invalv- <br />ing the laying 0.1' the sewer in Hame Brew Alley, saying that when <br />he placed the 6" main up the sewer in Home Brew Alley that he kept <br />the jab gaing sa he cauld set it in, that this year Mr. Liebelt <br />taak aver fram the intersectian and having faur men on the jab to. <br />lay the sewer taak as much time as he thaught two. men cauld have <br />dane it in, cancluding that he and Mr. Hansfard lay main line right <br />alang without having the peaple out 0.1' water. Mr. Hansfard correct- <br />ed Clmn. Walker that she had said the street department had five <br />men they have anly four sa cauld hardly compare. Clmn. Walker <br />advised that she did nat recall being so specific, that if the fig- <br />ure ~s faur men divided into. $33,000 it is still a lot less than <br />a little mare than two men divided into. $20,000. Mr. Gus Jahnson <br />advised that he thaught the cansalidating 0.1' the two. departments <br />was i~~iptt~~tt~g palicy. <br /> <br />The ~lanager cammented that this could go. on endlessly and invalve <br />every emplayee in the City, that he had dane the best he cauld to. <br />administer the Cauncil's palicy, that where no policy is set, it <br />is a difficult matter, that if the Cauncil wants to. take aver and <br />take the detail af it, that they can have it. Myr. Stacktan ad- <br />vised that he did nat think the Cauncil cauld take the detail. <br />Clmn. Walker said that she was not taking sides for ar against any <br />City emplayee - that she was loaking at this generally, and that <br />the effiplayees as far as she wascancerned were under the City Manager, <br />and that if they do. their jabs as he sees fit, she was satBfied and <br />felt it was up to. him to knaw . <br /> <br />Clmn. Drinkall thaught that this all goes back to the department <br />cansalidatian, that the Manager thaught he cauld save l/2 a man's <br />wages in the water department and that the Manager thaught Mr. Riche <br />inefficient, and that he himself thaught this shauld carryover <br />into. all departments, that he did nat think the City shauld have <br />a man daing paper wark all day in the street department and in the <br />electric department did not think it was econamyta put three men <br />to. wark at 7:00 a.m. when they can't see to wark anyhaw, that he <br />thaught there should be ather changes if this consalidation was <br />under the guise 0.1' economy. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. Kunz cammented that anything can be misunderstoad, that in con- <br />nectian with the electric department warl(ing haurs, he had studied <br />this aut with the City's engineer and they had decided that those <br />working haurs were the best way to. handle getting the wark accomp- <br />lished in the time far it, that there were times in the afternoan <br />also. when it is dark, that they able an this schedule to. make any <br />necessary pre-paratians far \'fork and be in the field far the maxi ~ <br />mum constructian periad befare caming to. tawn to do service work <br />in the afternaon; that he agrerl that the electric salaries are high, <br />that he had done the best he cauld to live up to that cantract to. <br />the letter, that he daes not fallaw the men araund, and that while <br />they were about it, this was ane 0.1' the reasans he wanted to. move <br />l\f[r! Richie un~er !\1r. L:iliel t that )le did nat trust him. Clmn. <br />Drlnkall cantlnued that he had talKed to. same unlan men ana same <br />athers and they thou~ht the City. cauld save maney and cnuld have <br />accampllsfied a lat mBre to. have hlred mare men and put Mr. CObban <br />an a strictly fareman basis. Myr. Stacktan requested adherance to <br />agenda. <br /> <br />