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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />.OJ 7? <br />i; ~.' <br /> <br />Motion was made by Amend - seconded by Knight, ffto accept Clm. Painter's <br />resignationff. Roll was called as follows: Amend. Yes: Durant, Yes: Hall; <br />No; Knight. ,Yes; Petrovich, No. Motion carried. <br /> <br />It was requested that the cover letter of the petition be read again by <br />Mayor stockton, and discussion followed pertaining to feelings of the <br />audience and Council.! Mayor Stockton remarked that the expressions were <br />well summarized, and referred to the petition, which probably could have <br />been ,avoided. <br /> <br />Several persons in the audience asked for recognition and voiced their <br />qplnlons. It was explained,that Mr~ Seymour was the best qualified man <br />that we had available at the time, and the Ordinance stipulates that a <br />City Manager is required to be in office at all times. <br /> <br />Various discussions followed with audience and City employees on phases <br />of previous discussion pertaining to Off duty time, Overtime, etc. <br /> <br />Clm. Hall made a motion - -that the petition be accepted and tabled <br />for special meeting not later than one week. for-consideration-. <br />Seconded by Knight. Roll was called as follows: Amend, Yes; Knight, . <br />Yes; Hall, Yes: Durant, No; Petrovich. Yes. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Following was more discussion with Utility Board members and employees. <br /> <br />A motion was made by Clm. Durant,-In the form of a directive to the Acting <br />City Manager that the Utilities office be returned immediately to the former <br />location,- and that the Acting Ci~y Manager be instructed to refrain from any <br />administrative direction whatsoever over any utilities office or field <br />personnel without first contacting the Utility Board, for a period of 45 days-. <br />Seconded by Clm. Amend. Roll was called as follows: Amend, Yes; Durant, Yes; <br />Hall ~; Knight, P~'i~Ult; Petrovich, Present; . Motion carried. <br />f-'r':"$~ -1'f.... e....... <br /> <br />After a 15 minute Recess - Attorney Buckalew confirmed this motion as carried <br />correctly by referring to Ordinance #86 and read excerpts from it. <br /> <br />The next item on the Agenda was a report from the Acting City Manager. He <br />read a letter dated. December 31st. from Mr. Harde and it was suggested that <br />he keep Ranger Porterfield up to date. The Progress Report is still not what <br />they are seeking on the Forest Service Pennit. <br /> <br />Information regarding the San Juan Dock Lease - that matter is now in Court. <br /> <br />A letter f~om our attorneys was read regarding the Marathon T.V. Corporation <br />agr~ement-, and 4. t was found- O.K. <br /> <br />Acting City Manager also reported on the Telephone matter and the Garbage <br />Contract. Mayor Stockton advised that the final document of the Garbage <br />Contract be processed. <br /> <br />It was agreed to subscribe to Information Service with the International <br />City Manager's Magazine at $35.00 annually. <br /> <br />Reference was made to a letter, dated January 4, 1957, received from Mr. <br />Sheppard of Grande & Co., regarding financing of the pole line from Mile 8 <br />to Mile 32. <br /> <br />Attorney Buckalew stated that the Council should enter into a contract re- <br />garding Impounding Vehicles, and repeal the present Ordinance. He also <br />stated their study of the City Sales Tax Ordinance is valid. <br /> <br />Ordinan~e #271 - Rezoning Lots 1 & 2 and motion that the rules be suspended, <br />and adoption of this Orltinance was made by Clm. Knight. Seconded by Amend. <br />Roll was called as follows: Petrovich, Yes; Knight, Yes; Hall, Yes; Durant, <br />Yes: Amend, Yes. Motion carried. <br /> <br />OrBinance #272 regarding Liquor Establishments extension of hours. Motion <br />was made by Amend. -to table this matter- - seconded by Knight. Roll ~ <br />called as follows: Amend, Yes; Durant, Yes; Hall, Yes; Knight. Yes; <br />Petrovich, Yes. Motion carried. <br />