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<br />r. .1 f <br />~. .L. <br /> <br />SEWARD, ALA::xA <br /> <br />Special Meeting, March 4, 1959 <br /> <br />~ <br />::t: <br />..... <br />"oJ <br />::> <br />~ <br /> <br />A special meeting of the City Council was called to order at 7:35 PM by Mayor <br />Stockton. Present were Clron. Hodson, Kulin, Knight, Lowell. Also . present were <br />City Manager Bordwell and City Attorney Buckalew. Absent were Clron. Johnson and <br />Leirer. <br /> <br />The Mayor stat ed the purpose of this special meeting tonight is tba presentat.ion <br />of the City General Code by the City Attorney and other legal matters; the proposed <br />Resoluti on 128 in regards to the school bus and the use of the basement of the Civic <br />Center for Civil Defense. The Mayor went on to say that the City Attorney is present <br />tonight and has presented the City Gene ral Code to each oouncilma n a n:i wi 11 mke any <br />explanations that might be necessary. <br /> <br />The City Attorney stated tret he feels that the City cE Seward has here a very good <br />code; it has an index, is divided into secti ons, and is a combination of Ordinances <br />passed by the City whid:l have been edited for legal sufficiency and he would su:Jgest <br />that each councilmn examine the code very carefully and study it before it is appr- <br />oved by the Council. The Mayor explained at this time that the Council had author- <br />ized that this be done, last year, as it had been felt for a long time that we need- <br />ed an up to date file of ordinances which would be readily available for both the <br />Counoilmen and the general public's perusal. The City Manager then reported that <br />our agreement with the City Attorney called for $1500.00 legal fees, and the necess- <br />ary cost of eecretarial work and printirq with a total figure of $3000.00 estimted. <br />He tban read the City Attorney's bill for this Gereral Code, with attorney's fees, <br />$1500.00, secretarial services $937.00 and expenses (paper, steoci Is, ribbons, etc.) <br />$129.23, for a total of $2566.23. City Manager went on to say that he is particu- <br />larly pleased with the annotations in tba Code with so many case laws cited. Clm. <br />Knight made the stateme nt that he thin<<s that if t his is adopted, it wi 11 be one of <br />tba most 00 nstructi ve things that this Counci 1 wi 11 accomplish, as he feels that <br />this such a needed thirq. The question was asked by Clm. Kulin, who will be re- <br />sponsible for keeping the Code up to date wi th charges and amendments that might be <br />made. The City Attorney suggested that if he could be notified of charqes he wi 11 <br />have stencils nade and mimeographed and send copies down to be inserted in the <br />books. He went on to say that he hoped he could ha ve a copy of the Code for use <br />in gi ving legal opinions and he suggested who he felt should be gi Ten copie s of <br />the code. elm. Knight made the moti on HLmove that the bill from Mr. Buckalew in <br />thfl "mnunt of 12,566.23 for codification of the City Ordinances be awrowd for. <br />p"y.....nt.. Seconded by Clm. Lewell. Clm. Hodson, Knight, Kulin and Lowell voted <br />ye s. Motion carried. The Mayor suggested th:i t the Counci lmen would want to tab! <br />the Codes and give them some thought and study before it is adopted. <br /> <br />Clm. Hodson called the Mayor's attention to the fact that the matter of the Halibut: <br />Producer's Sub-lease had been referred to the City Attorney. City Attorney stated <br />that he will have a legal opinion on this before the Council within a day or two. <br />City Manager stated that other legal matters had been I:eferred to the City Attorney <br />also. City Attorney said he will ,send these down very soon and that .he has a state- <br />ment prepared to be signed wi th regards to the Pacificus case. The Mayor stated <br />that now, while talkirq about legal matters, that the motion that was passed by the <br />Counci 1 at the last Mon:iay's regular meeting with regards to holdi ng a special meet- <br />irq for a vote of the people with reference to abolishing i;he City Manager type of <br />government, seems to be out cE order. He then read from Sections 16-3-5 and 16-3-3 <br />of ACLA 1949 wherein the statutes call for petition from 25~ of qualified electors <br />before a special election can be held. He is bring! rq it up tonight as a matter of <br />order so that you Counoilmen can 'explain to the people, and at the next regular <br />meeting corrective action can be taken, and if the people still desire to act on <br />this, they will have to comply with Alaska laws ani present a petition before the <br />Council. The City Attorney concurred 'with this statement. <br /> <br />The Council then turned to the next item which was proposed Resoluti on #128, whi ch <br />concerns the school ws financirq. City Manager then read the proposed Resolution <br />#128. The Mayor asked the City Manager if he had found anything more about the ins- <br />urance problems on the bus that were discussed at the last regular l\I!letirg? City <br />Manager reported that he had discussed this with Mr. Fabricius today and he states <br />that the school system is not taking ti tIe of this bus until it arri ves here and <br />the entire responsibility lies with the vendor. Mr. Fabricius, who was present, <br />spoke briefly and stated that only 1 bid had been received on this bid, and it had <br />been sent to the Department of Educ2tion for approval, and they have approved the <br />bid. Mr. Chester B~own, representing Win Ervin Motors, the vendor of this bus, <br />