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<br />'-V9 F ~- <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />SewArd, AlaskA, June 17th, 1912, <br /> <br />1.'INUTE S <br /> <br />T E M P 0 R A R Y <br /> <br />o R G ^ N I Z A T I 0 V <br />oc:~lO<'.JJ<mYH~xr'~1r:x~ <br /> <br />o F <br /> <br />SEWARD <br /> <br />TOW N <br /> <br />C 0 tJ N elL, <br /> <br />Temporary meeting 0:' tne ffip.mben' of t1'... T'l"Ivn Coul1ci 1 tif <br />Sew~rd, Alaak8, was held in the offtcp of Ur. F.L.TIalJeine. <br />~rem'cil?rA f.resent, TIAlle.ine, CrAll/ford, ColY1~'ll, Bawkir'fO, Noon <br />f,au8J'Fl ,uJl Tecld':>lluerg. <br />Up)n Hatton of Mr. Noon, Seconded by Ur. Eauer8, t~~t B <br />tempOl'IU';;' ChairmAn ';;12 c:r_oFen, e ballot waf'! taken) 1''''''':1 tire- as f01101l's <br />Ealliane 4, Colwell ~,Ssuera I, Mr. Balla1n~ bein~ choser. <br />Upon motion of Mr. CrRwfoT'd, l'€conp,; r,:! l'r. Nor)!" t.n" t Wayne Blue <br />be choee~ to sct 96 tAw~~:'ry Clerk, (CeTried) <br />Uoon motion of 1r1'. Ballainp that Rules and Rew:uli-J"Ljorls the Town <br />~ -. \ <br />of .JuneflV be reCld) Seconded 'by Mr. SRuers, (Ca!'::-'~Nl J and the <br />Chcl1r'roen W8\'1 <Hiked to rf'fld tl:e same. <br />Upon mo'don of !~r. Hawkins th8,t 8 coromi tt,ee be nppoin t.en to <br />c')nfp)' wi HI aY: Atto~':v'y, rt~g6!'ding adjustil'€ Rulfls p.nd Regulations. <br />seconded by Mr. Koon,(Carried) The etair appointed Noon and SaUf>rR. <br />Upon motion of Kr. Noon t~Rt 8 cowmittee be apnointed to drAW <br />Ordinances as neccasary, c:,~p1ing offic~R sna 82larip~ of Officer~, <br />fwd the election of 3 Schoo} Bor-n"rj "'OT t.t,e i~,~"hg yeftr. I::e('(w(h~d <br />C"J' ""r Crau,'<"o,..d , f""'r~'l' ^d \ <br />.; .... n.. j.. A. \ \.' (. -~ ... I <br />The Cl1"in:.[lY1 il[.!l) 0 iVit ".-1 rGT,-qn:en Colwell B.nd EawldnEl. <br />TnA following epplicatior:e Viel'p 1'e91 '1:7 tLp 'r):' 1'1'. DRlll'lhe. <br />D.C.NRthieon, C.S.P~tton, Gustkva R.NA~thy, ell for the <br />nOAition o~ TOWIl Marshal. <br />- UpOl1 m(',~,ion cf ~l.r. Hawkins) 1:lt",'o:r.dl:'d 'oy lir. 11001': that. Tl'ippting <br />Rd.,i,)lH'!1 until Tueoday .Tune 18th, At 8 t.o meet in <br />expcutive Hession at th8ttime. (Carried) <br />M@e~lng ~djourned. <br /> <br />,,- <br /> <br />~f,Tl:...::..L '" <br /> <br />Temp0T'Hry f"}\f1 i r'n'CLn, <br /> <br />; (! ~ , / <br />I;' /1;/(/ ,/,/((( __ <br />. ff'l11nOrnrv Cle::'ty, <br />/; - .. <br />