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<br />1 B \,! F ( ~ <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />,- ......._". <br /> <br />-- _: ::. <br /> <br />REGULAR M~J.:;TIl;0: Ol!' rrH~ S.b,;,iAED TO I'';:: COUnCIL IlONDAY t:Vl!,;. JAH 5th., 191.-f <br />*' :-t- ;- -[- )l: ~! -L' ~1. -.j. ..,I- :-I~ -.}o :I- ':/- -.1_ * ,1, ..J. * ..,:.. ~ -J. '* ",. oJ. ~;. :-/' ",. ;--1- ;" :-.I- ~, ;" ,. ~~ <br /> <br />The Council met at the Toym Hull at 8 PM, with President <br />Cra'wford in tho Chair. I'resent were Councilmen, 30e, Graef, Noon <br />Tecklenberg, Tozier and. Crawford. The minutes of t'r1e previous <br />meeting were read and approved as read. <br /> <br />The Co~~ittee having in charge t'r1e matter of looking into the <br />feazability of securing a suitable lot for use as a site for a TOWIl <br />Kall, reported that the;{ had learned that the present site was <br />owned by the Dickerman estate and that t~e same would be in the <br />hands of an AQ~inistrator for another year. That F ~ Ballaine had <br />offered a lot north of the 11ethodist Church for one thousand dollars <br />but declined to give an option on the same. After some discussion <br />Noon moved that the report of the committee be adopted and filed. <br />Second by Boe and carried. <br /> <br />The following bills were read and ordered paid. Seward <br />Commercial Co. ~7.85, The Gateway Pub. Co. ~389.00, Brosius and <br />Noon ~3.00, Arctic Brotherhood $7.00, Chas. Crawford ~2.00. <br /> <br />The report of the City Treas. up to December 31st,19l3 <br />was read, by the Clerk and ordered filed, after acceptance. <br /> <br />Ordinance No 15, relating to the payment of a monthly <br />rental by Corporations using the streets and alleys of the Town of <br />Seward waD t~1en read in full for the third time and put to a final <br />vote. Th&se voting in favor were 30e, Graef, Noon, Tecklenberg <br />Tozier and Craw~ord. The vote being unanimous, the 1iayor declared <br />the Ordinance passed and on motion of Noon, second by Tozier, the <br />Clerk was ordered to have the same published in the Seward Gateway <br />three times on the 7th, 8th, and 9th, of January, 1914 as according <br />to Law and in conformity with the Ordinances of the Tovm of Seward. <br /> <br />J H Romig, City Physician asked that the Council provide him <br />wit~ four suitable books to keep track of Births, Deaths, Infectious <br />diseases etc. and on motion of Noon, second by Boe, he was ordered <br />to ascertain the costs of t11e same and report back to the Gouncil. <br /> <br />The matter of securing a suitable building for the ~rimary <br />School was brought up and Noon moved, second by Boe t11at a committee <br />be ap~ointed to ascertain tho cost of repairing the present <br />building, or rentimg a building where the schoold childred would <br />be,:arm and comfortllble. The motion carried and the Chair appointed <br />C,tJuncilman Boe and lloon. <br /> <br />T1:ere being no further busi:.'JSD to come before the Council <br />on motion of Noon, sec&nd by Tozier, the Council then adjourned. <br /> <br /> <br />. &. ~ (/~') ({;/] U4iA'rut <br />f,,~or T <br />