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<br />1 BMF'c <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />"I"::'! <br />, , <br />..~ ---- <br /> <br />I\EGULAR MEETIHG <br /> <br />OF THE COMMON COUNCIL <br />L/ [L- <br />HELD JAN.$VY$XX 19lb. <br />* * . * * * * * * * * <br /> <br />OF THE TOW~j OF SEWARD, <br /> <br />ALASKA, <br />**..**** <br /> <br />. * * * * <br /> <br />The Council met in regular eesflion with l~aYQr Boe in the <br />chair and the following councilmen preeent, Crawford,Chamberlin, <br />Graef Hewett, Noon, Patton and the l!ayor. <br />, The minutee of the previous meeting and approved ae corrected <br />The Police Committe by Hewett reported that the charges <br />against Marehall had not been.~ubetaniated and recommended that the <br />charges be dieemieeed. , <br />By Hewett moved that the chargee preferred against Marehal <br />Gueet by Mr. and Mre. Mackay be diemieeed. Second by Chamberlin, <br />Carried. <br />Curtis Morford ~ree. of the School Board reported that it <br />wae neceseary to have eyorm doors installed on the new School Build- <br />ing. That he had been unable to secure a meter for the school houee <br />but had finally agreed with Mr. Graff that lights, when they were <br />ueed, would be $25.00 per month. That in fact thie rate wae lees in <br />proportion that the rate paid in the old building. <br />Communication from the Viliitehead Realty and Investment Co. <br />in regard to fire ineurance read and on motion by Chamberlin <br />eeconded by Hewett the eame was placed dm file. <br />Communication from the Whitehead realty and Investment Co <br />in regard to school houee lote ~ead and referred to the city attorn, <br />The quartlerly report of the Town Clerk for the quarter end- <br />ing Dec.3l,19l4 read. <br />By Chamberlin moved that the quarterly report of the Town <br />Clerk be referred to the finance committee. Second 1)y Hewett,Carricd <br />The quarterly report of the City l...agietrate for the quarter <br />ending Dec.3l,19l4 read. <br />by Chamberlin moved that the quarterly report of the City <br />Magietrate be referred to yhe Police Committee,Second by Patton <br />Carried. ' <br /> <br />The ordinance providing for the election or appointment of <br />a nightwatchman and special pOlice read by the Clerk. <br />By Chamberlin moved that the Ordinance be paeeed &n its fmret <br />reading. Second by Patton, Carried. <br />The following bille were presented <br />John straueeer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <br />Dec Fire Roll - - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <br />Frank L. Torrey _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <br />C. F. Hewett _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <br />W. J. Zwink - _ _ _ _ _ <br />Brown & Hawkins _ _ _ _ _ <br />Broeiue & Noon _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <br /> <br />-10.00 <br />10.00 <br />31.90 <br />67.73 <br />2.B1 <br />12.90 <br />- 167.93 <br /> <br />. By Crawford, moved that the bills be accepted as read and <br />warrdnts drawn for the same. Second by Patton Carried <br />By Chamberlin moved that the Town eaf; be moved to tlJe fire <br />hall. Becond by Crawford, Carried. <br />. By Crawford, movedthat the clerk place tlJe delinquent tax <br />roll In the hBnd~ of the printer on Jan10,19lb and that all <br />de~inquent taxee after that date will be required to pay the public- <br />atIon charges.' That the printer shall cOlmnence publication as soon <br />the:eiifter af' t?,pe can be set and publication prepared. That a meesage <br />to _hat effect De sent by the ':'raaeurer to John E. Ballaine. <br />"'econd by Hewett Carried. <br />