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<br />117""1 <br /> <br />"" <br /> <br />Minutes ('f :Rep'ular :Meet:inp: of t"h" COl'm":on Connoil of t"he TO'\llm <br />of "'e"'frd .AJps'''"a,Jl3nnl'ry 5.1925. <br /> <br />Meet:inF .e~ c~11e~ to cr~er pt P c'clcc~ ~,M. by Meyer Psy, <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />"ref'e:nt "'erp"o';rcilJ'1er: 'jp0r-e:r, T<:J1 !'-1':Vort'h, "'lic'drf"er. "l'c:fmPJ <br />McMullen Fno Orlander. <br /> <br />:Minutes ('f "revi C;]2 meei iY'F -rere refr n::d aD',~roved, <br /> <br />Pecess of 5 minutes was dec18red to allow Conrrnittee cn Finan e <br />8nd Claims to con~ider bills presented. <br />The foJ lowing b:ills vlere presented and read: <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Sew8rd },ight ?" T'oi":er Co. <br />',7m. H. '7h:ittles,y, Cle ffi.: <br />:7m. H, Whittlesey, Mag. <br />Sylvia Sexton, Treas. <br />J.1.E.Rucker, h.tty. <br />J. A. Baughman, H.Off. <br />M.B.Lanning, Fire Chief <br />M.B.Lanning,Reg.Rire Roll <br />J.P .Hannon, El ectricic'n <br />SeTIsrd Treding Co. <br />Gateway Pub. Co <br />Sewe,rd Hews Co. <br />SeTIard Drily GBteTI8Y. Gubs. <br />Seward Keehine ShOD <br />''1m. H. 7lhittlesoy , <br />C.R.Morford, LEt. <br />Stcndcrd C'1J:':o. <br />E.L. Senft <br /> <br />8250.96 <br />" <br />72.50 <br />8.33 <br />50.00 <br />8.33 <br />50.00 <br />150.00 <br />20.00 <br />150.00 <br />5.50 <br />13.70 <br />2.70 <br />2.50 <br />29.60 <br />2.70 <br />45.00 <br />9.00 <br />16.00 <br /> <br />Sewt:~rd :!~~tCl t: := c~;/cr Co. <br />BroVlh & ~im',';:ilL ':;01''';;. <br />Bon:!: of .:lewarEl <br />S eVi a.::c CL :8:'_ ,-'; r e~] c <br />Gal. M. Brosius <br />A.E.Ruoker <br />Ala sJ::a :J:'r::n::fel' <br />~V. T. stuart <br />T.V.Murphy <br />Harry Lyons <br />'11m. Neville <br />R. :Dickinson <br />Olaf Joh8nsc n <br />r~hu.::. C. CooTler <br />Torn Rebert? ~ <br /> <br />122.51 <br />61.5 <br />25.0 <br /> <br />3.0 <br /> <br />14.0 <br />50.0 <br />34.0 <br />4.2 <br />13.5 <br />2.2 <br />29.2 <br />2.2p <br />2.2p <br />9.0D <br />0.0[1 <br /> <br />tht:'t <br /> <br />r;C11TIoilmc1l1 I'rll?n(1er I!'C'V ef'. !"E'ccrf'er" '-,. ('('''TO ilm"n C::ofmm <br />the niJl!" be I'J1CJ"ler "'" reed and wsrrente: "be ~r(j"ffl thsTefQ~F.. <br />011 thfl os'll of the roll aD siY Councilmen v<lted "Aye.. <br /> <br />..-. <br />C~rried. <br /> <br />The bil1 of :P. C I~cI~ll11er f('y ~2.~95 """E' then rresED teR <br />8Y10 reed. <br />0011rctlmen rrofml"n 1"'ovec". r:-ecC'Ylc ee' ''''~' 1'0'1)10 ilmoI1 "'1 i c"inp.'er <br />thtd ibe bnl be sllowe" PC' reef' eY'c (l warreTt 1;0 drEiwn t1cerefor, <br />(1r: tre c['11 ,,::" tYe roll t'e fcJlcwi'-'" CC'l1'cilmen, 3ed:-er, <br />Ellswortr-. :PI i c'.inf"er, Ecfml"YI. 0rler.der v(' te'" "Ave", 1Zcliul1en <br />net vctinp'. 0srried, <br /> <br />The Committee on Tights reT~crteC' F('t 1[;e street lights <br />were turned OJ' st 4:30 0'010c1, P.IL end off vt 7 o'clock A.If.. <br /> <br />The Meyor reported in full as to the loan cf a tractor to <br />the city b~7 the Alaska Roed Commis sioh--tha t the officers in <br />charge were unable to make the loan. <br /> <br />Report from the Corn~ittee on Assessment and Taxation and <br />from the Clerk that the Delinquent Roll of taxes for 1924 was <br />ready for publicBtion, and the following Resolution we,s presented <br />Bnd reEd: <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />RESOLUTION <br /> <br />Resolution Directing the ~ublication of the Delinquent <br />Tax Roll of the Town of Sewsrd, Alaska for the year 1924 and det- <br />ting the detcc therefor. <br /> <br />Be It Resolved, by the CommC.n Council of the TO\"ID cf Seward, <br />Alaska: <br /> <br />ThElt the L:unicip81 CICI'k of the Town of Seward, Alsskr be and <br />he is hereb;,:' designated tond di:rC'cted to c:'use to be published the <br />Delinquent Tax Roll of the said Town of C;eYI:;:rd. Alesk!) for the <br />year 19;24 in the ':3e",'8Td GE:te712:,:l, ['. ne';:s::>c:per of ceneral circulcticr, <br />