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<br /> <br />=.:Jl~.;n.:.."T, J...~::r~'J..l.Y, 6th. lvZO. <br /> <br />::Zegulur me, ting of tile COIlnon Cuuncil, :it;i of ',> ';J~Lrc1. :aet <br />this date in the Cou~lcil ChnLlbers; Ueotini' cullc,j tu order u.t G d. <br />by llayor l'.C.Uc;Iullon, with t)~c following Cou~lCiL1C i lrel'cnt; <br />liE;.c1rer, Horner, Orlunder and ;)vJotman~l. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~inutes of the last rcgular meeting reafi and ap~roved. <br /> <br />Clai:Jls totaling :~a:~72. 77 presonted us follows; DanL of Jeward 25. :) <br />Robert ~ue8t 220.00. ~.D.3alderstun l~J.JJ. I.V.Ray 51.:)). <br />H..i.Eyatt 51.10. i,lez Little u'.r)). :~e1lnrd dater ;3fly. 127.5,1. <br />Ba:'1L of Jew~rd, 250.00. 8ity t,; .d.LctyS ~xlJros~_' C.~~'5. 1!.~.l~ul)cer Co <br />104 . 2[. 3ror:n (\;.; Ho.vv}. i "i'H3 Cor 1:'. 3. FO . n. J .:~&lT1U;;l 25. J') . ~c\'/.'~i.rd <br />Lit<:ht :'01'ler Co. 30'.1.::'5. '.:'.Osbo, j:~~i 13.31. ,'.C.l,IcI.luUen ~.5:) <br />Ogles Garage, U.~J. <br /> <br />l,loved by Cuu:'lcilaan Orlu:1du:c 8000ndou by Council:.lan Badger, <br />thu'o cluirn8 be lkid; Culli~lg the roll un the motiun, ,.11 Council <br />men IJresent voteD. in the ufj:'ir:,lative. <br /> <br />~uatterly re~ort of the 0cw~rd ~chool Jourd for ~u~rtcr endi ~ <br />Dec. 31. 1~~'.J lrescntcll; Oruere" filed. <br /> <br />Llayor advised 'o:~c<t nO;;li;lc.tiuns were in order :t'orL;'LC filling <br />of t;',e v,Lc'ln0Y of U'_e 1,u8itiun of Cou::1CilJ:lU,n, arising :;:'1'01,1 the <br />dep:..rture of lute Courwiluu,n Sch:~llereI' froIJ (0),8 City, 13;,id nUiain' <br />tion Lend subeic:uent election to be for the periud ending uljon the <br />JitilC1.ExraX}LkEXIUIXLXMHRxz::ipai:,,}:xHB:k:i:ril.E. election u.nd qualificution of <br />a successor at tho next annuul llunicipal Bloction. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Councilman Orlunder nominutod ;~.R.Hoberts to fill UlC above <br />vacancy; Councilman Eorner 8ccondod the nomination of ._.3.30bcrt8 <br />There 'being no further nominations; '~he llayur declaireu nOL1inutio [;: <br />closel and instructed the Clerk to 'u'lC unu.niiilous of 'ullc <br />Oouncil fdlr "~.H.Hoborts to fill the v'Lcimcy as Cotmcilman for t,:8 <br />Cit,y of Sernrc1 for ~,he above lil'escribcd ter:n. <br /> <br />Ballot h:;.ving be n so CD.i3t; The l,layor c1el:laireu ".].~(obcrts <br />duly olcctec to the ;)osition of COlncil::lLll1 for ~,\~() '-':it'p: of ;:;c"'I!.rd <br /> <br />'",here beil1f' no further bUGines[ to corno be foro this rilCcLinf!; <br />iL was, uj-,on l~ro ,or ..lOtio:: 'L1wrourftor ad,]ourneu. <br /> <br />~~~ <br /> <br />a~4Ld~~ <br />.... C 1 ~~ ~-: l~ <br /> <br />tImiD/'. Y , <br /> <br />J<L;F.UV, 2lth. Ll3J <br /> <br />Regulr;.y :Je,'ting of t: 0 C01:;10n c;uu:1cil, Cit;; of :;)ewu.rd, :lOld <br />this date in t;',e Cou;wil -:;h'~l:lbers; l,~e, ti:W: l:[ille" to 01'001' at (3. !':J <br />b~/ ~"Iu;yur .L1.C.;Jc;L:ullen, \.vitr: t~~c full~wi;lg C()u~1c;il lC'l ].;roccll"L; <br />Earner, OrLm6or, Rol,erts and .:)' ctJllacl:l. <br /> <br />I.Iinutel! vf the lCist rep;ulur JJO. ti niT rea.d uno U!',Jroveu. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />CluL1S for elf.i.')) proserlted . s foll,,11S; Chill!. JLi:lner 6. )}. Georve <br />::;tnmd G. n. '1.~:.;;'eifi'ert ~.OJ"ll being for 1:,'001' 1,er:[or::1e" on <br />tho City ]<'loat. ],loveu b;" COGYl,;il:;vll1 urluYluer, seuondcti by jIornor <br />thtct cl')ims uS lresentcu be IJuid; Calling t;_e roll on the ;aotion, <br />all Council::leYl l!resl.nt v~tec in tLc uffiruative. <br /> <br />1.i",yo1' D.l,{Jointec; GouncilJ:lUn ;:\obcrts tu :".01, on Cu~n,ait~0ees wher <br />vUl:un0ies oC0urred by rousun oi t~u depurturc of ~x COUI0ilIQU~ <br />,:,ch,.:-llo1'or. <br /> <br />'i'here being Ylu furt!:er busi;lest to UOLle before ti:icc ,'lUl:tinr!; <br />it was, thereufter upon proper ~otiun atijourne~. <br /> <br />~, Yv\~~~ <br />III 1 Y J R <br /> <br />a &3d~-4lF;t;u/ <br />- ' C l .::; :\ 1: <br /> <br />