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<br />459 <br /> <br />iiEllllES:DAY, NOV'.r;l.ffiBH. 26th. 1~30. <br /> <br />- - - _.~~._,_.". .--. -.-..------------------------ <br /> <br />-~_._--_._-_._._---------~- <br /> <br />- ..----------------- -,--~-------------~--_.---~-'-----_..__. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />special meeting of the COrWl1on Cour,cll, Cit, of Seward held thi$ <br />date in the Council Chambers; Meeting called to otder at 3 pm. by', <br />Mayor P.~.McMu1len, with all Councilmen present. ' . <br />Meeting called for the purpose of considering an offer by the <br />City to the Bureau of Public Hoads of Lots 33-34 & 35 in Block 17 <br />Original Townsite fJr building purposes; After discussion, motion ! <br />waS made by CouncilulUn Swetrnann, seconded by Hofman that'a Speoial' <br />Warranty' Deed be tendered to the Bureau of Public Roads for the <br />above described property; Calling the Roll oh the motion all Coun <br />cilmen Voted in the affirmative. Ayes 6. SO Ordered. This meeting <br />thereafter, upon proper motion adjourned. <br />fInsert) Above property tenderbd for the erection of Warehouse. <br /> <br />Cf':r.; " 1 '!"'" I r <br /> <br />M~YOR <br /> <br />a aJM/M'I'~ <br />CLERK ' <br /> <br />MO~DAY, DBC~~BER. 1st. 1930. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Reguler meeting of the CO':llnon Council , City of Seward, held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; 11eetlng called to order at 8 pm~ <br />by Mayor P.C .McMullen, with all Councilmen present. <br />Minutes of last reguler and interveinin~ special meetings read <br />and approved, with"insert" ' <br />Claims totaling ~2274.82 presented ~LS folluws; BanI: of Seward <br />25.00. l:ellcheski 220.00. Balderston J.50.00. Haverstock 75.00. <br />Ray 25.00. Little 25.00. Alaska R.R. 64~.20. Alaska Matanuska Coa~ <br />Co. 160.5J. Alaska Road Commission 809.,97. Lanning 54.00'. Larsoni <br />54.00. Loomis 'if.00. l.1cAuley 3.10. Seward water Sply. 127.50. <br />Seward Lite & Power Co. 402.55. Alaska Transfer 8.00. Osbo 1.00 <br />Brosi us 24.15. McMullen 9.20. Ogle 6. 'Y). Brown & Hawkins 2.25. <br />Moved by C0uncilman Hofman, seconded by nopkins that claims , <br />as presented be IJaid; Calling the Roll all Councilmen Voted Aye. 6' <br />Claim of Seward Drug Co. 19.5'1 pres~mted ; Moved by Councilman <br />Roberts. seconded by' Hopkins that ClailQ be paid; Calling the Roll' <br />following Councilmen voted Aye; Cooper, Hofman. Hopkins Orlander <br />and Roberts; Counc ilman s\";etlllann not vot ing. J'.ys fi. <br />A mot ion was made by Councilruan ::>we.~man:1, Seconded by Hofman <br />that the sum of $1751.10 be withdrawn f:ror:l the general fund and <br />placed in Savings acuount # 1171 to apply on School Bond Interest;' <br />Calling the Roll on the Uotioh; All Councilmen present Voted <br />in the affir.J1ati ve. Ayes 6. So Ordered. <br />Phere being no f~rther business to come before this meeting; , <br />it was, thereafter, upon proper motion adjourned. <br /> <br />,"/-', -.-. <br />, -0,' ; ilCr ".... <br />('~ . <br />IiAYOR <br /> <br />a rJ/?~ddk <br />, 'C L E R I: <br /> <br />;ilOlUJAY, D~C~~BER, 15th. l':l30-- No Meeting; <br /> <br />MONDAY, JAIWARY, 5th. 1~31 <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Coul1on Councill, City of Sewllrd, held <br />this date in the Council Chambers, r.ieet:Lng callen to order at U pm <br />by Ma.yor P.C.McMullen, with all Counoilmen present; <br />Minutes.of last regular meeting read and approved. <br />Claim. totaling l500.96,presented al3 fo11vws; Bank of Seward <br />25.00. Keilcheski 220.00. Halderston 150.')0. Haverstock 75.00. <br />Ray 25.10. Little 25.)0. Lanning 3.00" McAuley 6.00. Anderson <br />4.12. Lcomis 7.50. Seward Water Sply 127.50. J.L.Graef 4.00. <br />Alaska R.R. 72.00. City & Andy Express 32.10. McMullen 2.40 <br />Ogle 3.~g. Alaska Transfer d.JO. Seward Machine Shop 2';10.00 <br />Seward Lite & P. Co. 300.90. C.M.Brosius 2\1.25. B.& H. 19.20. <br />Gateway Pub. Co. 12.00. A.H.Thaday 5.10. Seward Drug 54.00 <br />Moved by Councilman Eofman, seconded by Couper that all Cliams <br />excepting Seward Drug Co. be paid; Calling the Roll on ~he motion; <br />all Counoilmen present voted Aye. Ayes 6. <br /> <br />