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<br />/ <br /> <br />490 <br /> <br />"~O~JI)'~.Y, :rl~.T)r..:t.n:t, ~tlr. 1J7'-: <br /> <br />Rcgl1~:'cr 'Je8ti':1p" cf t~le CO[i\,110n Council, City of Sewlird, held <br />,t11is dute in tho ~ou:lCil Cr>c.1Jbf'Y'(3; !:!ectirw (;,-,~~led to order ::1t 13 'P.: . <br />}'7 ~,!Lyor Brownell with tl-te foll ,win!" r~',lU!1r~ilr1C'1 j;rcsonc; ,,~<.~lthy, <br />"~JaT, ~eville unO nt~'1tJn; , <br />:.Unutes of the l:lst regular l;lcetil1g reL1Q t:.nd o.l'JIJroved. <br />Claims totuling l7,~7.~3 presented as folloWs; B~nL of tiewo.d U~,.Y) <br />Y.eilcheSlci ~;2). )). Balderston, 150. )'). F:.l.verstock 7f,.)1'). t:rarwood. <br />51.)). Sewar'd Water SpIy 127.5). R.\'I.Johnston,i35.,)J. T<'.Chul:nan <br />3.1)1. SewE3ra lite i'~ P.CO. 31J.7fi. C.M.BrosiUE: 11.~O. Brown & <br />~uV/kinf' Corp. 4.13. Sewf.t'rt'l '~etal ':Jks. 2J.l(). 1olasb: Transfe:r 16.0 <br />1301,'s ~'j,r'tge 1.')). P.:J.Og1e 1.10. Gateway Pub Co. 201.05.Y..Seymor <br />36.')'). Motion by 0Junullnan Menthy, seconfied by Deville th~t claim <br />us presented be allowed a.nd ':varrants c1ruwl1 i ':1' paym'ent of same; <br />Cu11inp:'the Roll. all COUnCilf!1en present voted In the Iaffirm[.Ltive. <br />, ~Jl1'1cil'wtn :,~eyer reports 'lioflpi tal Cess T'ool completed; also <br />thut the remodelefi :S~E:tB!Il heatinp; systera r:.t SchOOl 'ttouse giving <br />good Eotlr'action. <br />The '!Jilttcr' of Ivwerlnp: tidl gate to drain lagoon H.!l:ain ell-Ine <br />Ui' for clir:cussion; letter fro!'! .'lcti!lf! !~ana.p'er Holmes reud, giving <br />City permission to prouc0(' \'1ith t.r'res 'vorl:; Id'ter lenl1p:ht1;;, clisuu88 on <br />it was (. ,1(, ' that 1twas lrJfr"ctic'll to do anything 'J.t this time <br />c..nc1 the M~yor instructed ','I...te1" ~O~1,li ttee to so adviSe Ur. l~olben <br />;:,-'" P'e Sewl.i.rd ,,Iiater SU!JP'I~"Co. ' <br />Council~~n r~nthy re~orte~ the had~y driftea condition of <br />snow on some of ti,e strr'rts; .1fter discussion~ 1J Hotion WUf:: made b <br />C0uncilm~n Stunton; Seconiie, by neville, t,h:::.l, the street r:or~l!!littee <br />be a.uthorized to hire the Alaska Transfer ~rudew to relieve this <br />condition; CullinlZ the Rol on't1w :.1otiun; _111 ~0111wil'lfrYJ frH;ent <br />Votec1 in the Hfir:nutive. , <br />';'rlcre beinf no op:sirless to (~')J'1e re:!'ore this :!lecting <br />'1 t ,~:u.s, ther€a.ft~r, uI'o,l Ijrol!er f;lOt ion .[.Ld .jolArnec1. <br /> <br />~. <br /> <br />~J:."'Q <br /> <br />'- <br />i <br />i <br /> <br />'" .. <br /> <br /> <br />t:l ~fldeU~ <br />. 'e 1 ;~ R 1: <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />1l0~lD.~"t, JAlJtL,l\Y, 18th. 1'J3::: <br /> <br />Regul"H mcctinp: of the CornlOn Coundl, r~it;;'vf Sewurci, held t <br />(late in tho 'Cauncil Chanters; ;:ceti~lg e::a:ped to, L1rder by ;,layor D. . <br />Brownell at .8 P.:J.. wi tll,the follo-winf- Cou'1cil:nen lircsent; COupel', <br />Ueyer~ nevi11e ~nc1 RubertB; - .' <br />lllnptes of~he ladt regulnrnceti~g rend ~nd approved. <br />Cluirn of O.!'.':1derson If'.7f, for h:bor l!rcEcnt~d; Hotion 1'y Conncilnl' n <br />eaopeT, secJondec1 by lleville tj'mt claim he -J?a~d; Calliup; the Roll <br />~ll Councilmen preRcnt vote~ Aye. <br />Matter of prepairing u Hospital FinuQuiul report for publicut'on <br />discuseed; in Il '!lotion by Councilrnnn Roberts; ~3econded <br />Cooper taht n sllrnme:r:uy of hospital report!:: us su'hrni tten. bv the <br />T1ospitf'1 Su!-,erintennf:nt be :llld!3 and fll~ced on file in tl-te Clerke fiice <br />Cullinp- thE ~oll, nIl Councilrnen presemt "oted 1':1 the 1.l:J'firn.-"tiroe; <br />Counei 1 '[eyer volu'1teerer' to male sach report. <br />After further d 1r::uusslon of wl'ter main si tm;,ti on crossl np' the <br />i:>>:l.p;m I,u.gooY]; '-l r:1otion WIlS rl~(le 11;" Council~nfm Co )per, seco!1don h:, <br />:~,~"ille th':it this "latter be tab) en; !!otion un.'lnirnol1s1:/ curr; e0. <br />T'u!re beine' DO further nnsinc;sc to cono 08f'01:0 thi::> rnec,tlnf!, <br />~td/U' upon ~roper ''"tion H'to,,"",'. <br /> <br />J ;. v , TI t1/Jtf1if?(;~ <br /> <br /> <br />--"'I <br /> <br />, <br />I <br />.. <br />