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<br />15 <br /> <br />TUESDAY, JAilUARY.3rd. 1~33 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Common Counuil, City of Seward. held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; mecti~lg called to order at U p.m. <br />by JAuyor Brownell. with the following Councilmen present; Mnnthy, <br />McMullen, Neville. stanton and swetmann; <br />Minutes of last regular meeting read and approved; <br />ReSignation of W.C.Erwin as member of SewA.rd Suhoo Board presented; <br />Motion by Councilman Swetmann. seconded by MBnthy and unanimously <br />carried; Resignation be accepted, sincere regret of the Council be <br />spread upon the Minutes. and Mr. Envin so notified. <br />Claims totaling 773.75 presente as follows; Bank of SewA.rd 25. 0 <br />Keilcheski 170.00. Balderston l00.tJO. Haverstock 50.00. lInrwood 25. 0 <br />Seward Water Sply. 127.50. Bel-isley 11.')'). Anderson cl.OO. Leech 6.0!) <br />Manning 7.00. Jones 16.00. B.& H. Corp. 10.75. Ogle's l.61. J.L.Gra <br />ef 12.00. Seward L.&.P. IVl.U5. Signal Corps 6.24. Notthern 4.75; <br />Motion by Councilnan l.1Imthy. seconded by l.1uMullen that olaims <br />be paid; Calling the Roll; All Councilll/;J.n present voted Aye. <br />Claim of Seward Trading Co. 1.05 presented; Motion by Councilma <br />McMullen. Seconded by I.lanthy Cluim be paid ; ,]'ollowing C,Jupcilmen <br />Vote. Aye. Manthy, McMullen, lieville swetH1ann; Stanton not voting; <br />Sewer Comlittee reported that Merrill property, under bun a/c <br />sanitation. had bien vacated. Ml-irie Hadley property under same ban <br />still oecupied; Clerk instructed to see Agenr C.R.Morford on 111atter. <br />Clerl. instructed to cO!illl1unicate with Corn,niesioner of l!:tlucution <br />reouesting discontinuation of School Treasurers Bond. <br />Mayor urged action be taken towards illiminating Rl-idio Inter- <br />ferenee; lio action taken in this matter. <br />Th~re being no furthet business to come bef~re this meeting, it <br />was, thereafter upon proper motion adjourned. <br /> <br />MAYOR <br /> <br /> <br />.1 <br /> <br />MONDAY. JAIHJAHY, 16th. 1933, <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Common r;ouncil, City of Seward. held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; Meetinp oalleC to order at clpm. <br />by Mayor Brownell with following Councilmen pro seny; I.lanthy, Meyer <br />McMullen, Heville. Swetmann; <br />Minutes of last meeting read ~nd approved. <br />Upon request of School Board for advanco of funds; Motion wus mude <br />by Councilman M~nthy, secondeo by Mt:Mullen that the SUI:l of $2000.0, <br />be advanced; Calling the Roll, ull Councilmen present voted AYE. <br />A vacancy having occure, on the Seward School Bonrd, apppint <br />ments were in order; Council;nan Hanthy appointed C.:E.Orlander. <br />Mc11ullen set:ondoe appointemt; ll.jon proper rnution appointmentCl <br />010s6a; Clerk inCltructed to t:ast the ununimouse ballot of the Coun <br />cil for C.E.Orlunder as a Member of Seward SchOOl Board; Ilhereupon <br />the Mayor declaired C.E.Orlander duly appointed to the above posi <br />tion. <br />Light Co~nittee inCltrut:ted to look into the purchase of Stree <br />Light Globes and bring in report at next meeting. <br />Councilman Swetmann brot. up subject hospitalization u and <br />medical attention of Indigents, read extracts from Cordova Ordinan <br />t:e governing such cases and stressed the necessity of some action <br />being taken Ly this Council; Matter was referred to Hospital Com;;l <br />ittee, with instruction to present report and recomendations at <br />next meeting. <br />Mayor was authorized to send wire to Secret~ry of Interi~~. <br />protesting against the letting of Tie contrauts for the Aluska H.R <br />to concerns opperating outside the Territory. <br />There being no further business; this meeting adjourned. <br /> <br />MAY 0 R <br /> <br /> <br />MONDAY. DEBHUARY, 6th. IV33 <br /> <br />Regular meeting of the Co~non Council. City of Soward. held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; I.1eeting called to order at clpm <br />with folluwing Councilmen present; Meyer McMullen, Neville, <br />stanton and Swetmann. <br />Munites of lust meeting read and approvea. <br /> <br />