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<br />.~ <br /> <br />27~ <br /> <br />THURSD;.Y, jJEC1;;m}i;~, 21st. IV33. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Special raeeting of the Com IOn Counoil, City of Seward held <br />this date in the Counuil Cha ~ers; Meeting called to order at 7.31 <br />P.M. by Mayor Brownell, with the following Council~en present: <br />l;lanthey, Meyer, McMuL.en, StHnton and Swetmunn; <br />Meeting called for the purpose of considering a petition <br />presented by property owners for the construction of a sewer in the <br />ally between First and Second streets fro~ Jefferson street to Beac <br />iiork to be performed by members of the Civic Works Administration <br />and all material to be furnished by said property owners; <br />Lleeting attended by a. deligl,.tion of the property owners; ut'te <br />a thorough discussion of the matter, motion was made b:l Gouncillmm <br />SwetlUann, seconded by CounciL1un ;,[cl,lullen that; Gi ty Guuneil consen s <br />to the instullation of said sewer ~s stated in petition, provided <br />the labor be performed k~ under the C.,i.",. and the eXIJense of mater <br />i~~ , supplies and all incedentals to be born/by tho petitioners, <br />and petitioners to furnish proper bond fur the cost of the same; <br />Cu.lling the Roll un the above Illation; ;,.11 CouD0ilmen ]JreDurlt <br />voted in the affirmative; <br />Accompu.nying this i'etition was I:i relel:ice dellll:inded by H.noben <br />in behuIf of the ~wwurd "uter ~upply tu the effeut thut uny aumuge <br />done to the .iuter Mains aE a result of construutlon of this sewer. <br />would be repl:iired at the cost of the city. <br />Mution wus latlde by Councilman swetlllan:1, seconded by Manthey, <br />that the Citu assume this responsibility; Calling the aoll; All <br /> present voted in the affirmative. <br />Pet i tioners ware instructec to prel:3C'1t proper bond aE soon as <br />possible, to the Couneil. <br />There beingH~urther business to come before this meting, it <br />was, thereufter, upon proper motion adjourned. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />1.IAYOR <br /> <br />~/dm~ <br />. ..r \' 1) I" <br />.J 1~ ..\ ... <br /> <br />SATtTRD.-iY, lJEGEJ.lli:L.:t, :.;3rd. 1 ~~~3 <br /> <br />Speoial meetin~ of the COUlon Council. Ci~y of Seward, held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; Meetin~ ca.lled to order by Mayo <br />Erownell at 9 P.M. with the following Councilmen present; Manthey <br />McMullen, Stanton and Swetmann; Councilman Meyer entered the Coun <br />eil Chambers irnr:Jedia.tely after Roll was called; <br />Mayor advised that this meeting was oalled for the purpose of <br />meeting Doctor Philip S.Smith, Representative for Alaska of the <br />Federal Ernergenay Administration of Publio Works, who had kindly <br />volunteered to attend this meeting for the purpose of explaining <br />the workings of the FeGeral Emergenuy Aurnin~b~&I:i~~V_, the benifits <br />to be derived therefrom and the procedure necessary f~~ obtaining <br />relief under its workings. <br />After a very thorough and detailed explination by Doctor Srnith <br />of the diffrent phases of this Emergenuy Relief Measure, The Mayur <br />on behalf of the City Council and Citizens of the City, thanked <br />Dr. Smith and expressed the opinion that ir:uediute steps would be <br />taken by the City of ~ewurd with ti view to obtaining such relief a' <br />was possible and benificiul to the Muniuipality. <br />This meLting. thereafter upon proper motion, ~djourned. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />MAY 0 R <br /> <br /> <br />TueSday. December, 26th. Iv33 <br /> <br />Special meeting of the CO~Jon Council, City of SeWard, held <br />this date in the Coune4l1 Chambers; Heeting called to order by <br />Mayor Brownell at 2 P.M. with the fOllJwing Councilnen present; <br />Manthey, Meyer, McMullen. stanton and awetrnann; <br />This mectin~ was attended by the Presenedt und Executive Com <br />ittelc of the Chamber of Commerce and was for thL purpose of discu <br />ssing Municiplu Projects thst were to be presentee to the Federal <br />Emergency Administration of Public \iOrks under their relief prop:- <br />ram, as e;':plained by Dr. Philip S.Smi th ut the Couneil meeting held <br />on December. 23rd 1~33. <br />At tho request at the M.ayor. Hr Ray havinll discussed this ro <br />lief program with Dr. Smith. e~plaineo his understanding of the <br />measure in question. prooeddrc necessur1 und other det:lils. <br /> <br />