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<br />43 <br /> <br />MOBDAY. NOVEMBER. 19th. 1934. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Re!ular meeting 06 the Coa~on Council, City of Seward, held this <br />date i. the Counoil Chambere; Meeti.! oalled t~ order at 8 p.m. by <br />Malor Brownell. with the followin~ Counoilmen present: Gilliland, <br />Ma.they, Meler. Osbo swetma.n; <br />Mi.utes of last meetin!. read, corrected and approved. <br />Light oommittee instruoted to inveeti!ate the feasibility of chan <br />!i.~ the an~le of street light fixtures on certain ptles on 2nd. <br />ave and Adams street, so as to prevent defleotion of lite by poole <br />Malor reports some oomplaint as to dumpin~ faoilities on the <br />garbage dump, Health oommittee instruoted to i.vesti~ate & report. <br />Metion by Counoilman Swetmann. seoonded by Manthel; Carried; <br />Clerk inetructed to write En!ineer Office War Dept. reo faultl <br />instalation of de-waterin! facilities of Lowell Creek Fluae . <br />Representatives of Seward School Students petitioned Counoil <br />for aid i. financing Gyanasiua for winter monthe, Motion by Osbo, <br />se..ndeo by Gilliland that the sum of $120.00 as asked be allowed <br />Callin! the Roll on the motion; All Councilme. present voted Aye. <br />Councilman swetmann. in behalf of Committee appointed to int <br />erview Mr. Graff with re!ard to reduotion of Li!ht & Power rates <br />and possible purohase of his Plant; Reports: Mr. Graff interviewed <br />states in substance, " New Diesel unit installed will furnish <br />100% additional service to that now being rendered, Will not con <br />eider making any reduction of present rates for light or other <br />electric ener!y at this time. Mi~ht oonsider special rate in the <br />event of Native Hospital oonstructed in City dependin! on the aam <br />ount of energy used. Places price of $175.000.00 plus oost of <br />Diesel in8talatlon now in progress for his plant. <br />Mayor presented letter from Govenors office enclosing belated <br />copy of specifications from en~ineers of Federal Emer~enol adminis <br />tration relative to Light & Power Plant for City; Motion by Manthe <br />seconded by Gilliland that the Mayor with aid of Light Committee <br />be instructed to wire Seoretary Iokes requesting extension of time <br />for presentation to Hew Oongress. Motion unanimously carried. <br />It was the uaanimous desision of the Council that the Merohant <br />Di!ht Watchman was to assume no Police Duties, Chief of Polioe so <br />i.structed. <br />street Committee was instruoted to see about neoessary repairs <br />t. aproach and bulkhead of 4th. Ave. Bridge, reporting recomendati <br />Olerk instructed to comunicate with J.S.Badger regarding dang <br />erous conditio. of building on lot 29 block 10 with view to having <br />same repaired or removed. <br />Motion by Councilman swetmann, seco.ded by Manthey. street oom <br />ittee all~wed a sum of not to exoede 10.00 for removal and filling <br />sidewalk on R.R.Ave. between 5th. & 6th streets, Calling the Roll, <br />All Councilmen present Voted in the Affirmative. <br />There being no further business to oome befor~ this .eetin~. <br />w!!-;, thereafter; upon proper motiO,n adjourned. . <br /> <br />'-t-r) , (~ '/>do-~f I2fKJd~a.1Mr <br />MAYOR. \. OLER <br />MONDAY. DECEMBER.3rd.1934. <br /> <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Regular aeeting of the Common Counoil. City 0' Seward, held <br />this date in the Council Chambers; Meetin! oalled to order a 8 p.m. <br />bY,Mayor Brownell. with folluwing Councilme~ present; Gilliland, <br />Meyer, Osbo & stanton; Minutes of1ast meeting read and approved. <br />Letter from Counoilman Swetmann, tendering resi~nation read; <br />ordered Tabled. <br />Letter from J.S.Badger, re.Warehouse building on lot 29 block 1 <br />presented,Bo further action talcen; <br />Claims totaling 804.45 presented as follows: Banl of Seward 25. 0 <br />Keilcheski 170.00. Balderstom 100.00. Haverstock 50.00. Harwood <br />25.00. Seward water Sp17 132.50. Ogle's 11.45. Seward L.~ P. li2.75. <br />Dov. Pay Roll. 70.76. Oabo's 15.00. Sew.rd Machine Shop 9.76. C.M. <br />BrosiuB 15.00. Seward Drug 3.40. BroWD & Hawkins 9.20. Signal Corps <br />4. i5. Motion by stanton, secondeli by Gilliland that olaias be paid, <br />Calling the Roll; All Councilmen present voted in the Affirmative. <br />Motion by Oebo, seconded by Meyer that the sum of $iOOO.OO be <br />withrrawn from the General Fund and plaoed in Savings A/c 1171 for <br />paymemt on Interest & Retireaent of SchoOl Bond; Callint thebRoll, <br />All Counoilmen present Voted Aye. <br /> <br />