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<br />11~ <br /> <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER, 21st. 1936 <br />CONTINUED. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />a Motion being made by Counoilman Manthey seoonded by Blase that <br />the City Clerk notify him that his delinquent taxes must be paid <br />up in fukl and at once. Calling the Roll; All Councilmen present <br />voting Aye. <br /> <br />At this time Counoilman Manthey asked for two months leave <br />of absence to make a visit to the states, A motion was made by <br />Counoilman Blase secondedby Gilliland and carried by the unana- <br />mous vote of all Cnunoilmen present granting Councilman Manthey <br />the two months leave &S desired. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />A letter was read from Govenor Troy relative to the <br />applioation to build a Gymnasium in Seward and his approval of <br />same as aocompanying the application to Washington. D.C. <br />A letter was read from Mr. Foss regarding the plans he <br />made to accompany the applioation for th~ ,Gymnasium and a Motion <br />was made byICoundilman'Gi11ila~d 'seconded/by 'Jones end carried by <br />the unanamous vote of all Councilm.. present,extending a vote of <br />thanks to Mr. Fose for his donation of the plans and help in the <br />applioation. and the Clerk instructed to notify him; At the same <br />time Mayor Brownell stated that he would write Govenor Troy <br />thanking him for his help and approval of the Gumnasium. <br /> <br />The City Clerk was instructed to write the Territorial <br />freasurer to determine whom is supposed to sell auto licenses <br />in the Town of Seward, Alabka. <br /> <br />An application of Mr. Shellhorn in behalf of the Seward <br />L~ght and Power to erect a large Xmas tree at the intersection of <br />Adame and 4th. avenue resulted in a Motion being made by Counailma <br />Manthey seconded by Blaee and carried by the unanamous vote of all <br />Counoilmen present. granting the apllication of Mr. Shellhorn to <br />erect the Xmas tree as desired and to have the use of the City <br />traok to bring in the tree if he so desired. <br /> <br />There being no further bu.iness to came before this <br />meeting upon proper motion it was adjourned. <br /> <br />:ID if // /7 i/ <br />" -/?~~~JC--f <br />MAYOR' \ <br /> <br />CC~ <br /> <br />MONDAY. JANUARY. 4TH. 1937 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />A regular meeting of the City Council of Seward, Alaska, <br />nvened in regular session in the Council Chambers, in the City Hall <br />Seward, Alaska, on the 4th, day of January, 1937 at 8 o'clock P.M. <br />e meeting was called to order by Mayor Brownell. <br />The Clerk called the Roll; Those present and those absent <br />re as follows; Present; Councilmen. Blase. Cameron, Gilliland. <br />nee and Osbo. Absent one; Counoilman Manthey, on leave of absence. <br />Minutes of the last meeting read and approved. <br /> <br />Claims totaling $g89.18 presented as follows; Bank of Seward, <br />$ 5.00 Pete Michelson ~25.00 Nick Hodak $25.00 L.V.Ray {25.00 <br />A.D.Haveretock, $50. 00 Fred Keilcheski $220.00 E.D. Webb ~150. 00 <br />o le's Garage $1.61 Seward Trading Co. .65t Gateway Publishing Co. <br />t 6.75 Brown & Hawkins $5/10 Seward ii'ater Supply $127.50, City <br />P Y Roll $I25.12 Seward Light & Power Co. ~I65.20 Osbo Electrio <br />S pply $7.25 A motion was by Councilman Gilliland, seconded by <br />C meron and carried by the unamameus vote of all Councilmen present <br />t at the above claims be paid out of the general fund. <br /> <br />Claims totaling $26.75 against the Seward Hydro-Electric <br />oject presented as follows; U.S.Signal Corps. $26.75 A motion was <br />de by Councilman Gilliland seoonded by Jones and oarried b) the <br />anamous vote of all Councilmen present, that the above claim be <br />id out of the funds of the Seward Hydro-Electric Project funds. <br /> <br />Committee reported on the garage built by A.C.Downey, state- <br />g the garage was in the street at 1st. ave. and Adams St. A Motion <br />axi'li~O <br /> <br /> <br />