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<br />20~) <br /> <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />6. BAKE OVEN RATES: <br />3 cents per KWH for first IOO KW.Hrs. <br />2 oents per KWH for all aver 100 KW.Hrs. per month. <br />MINIMUM charge to be $10.00 per month. <br /> <br />A SPECIAL ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO ALL MINIMUM MONTHLY RATES: <br />An additional charge of $2.00 per-Aaa KW demand will be made <br />where switching or wiring facilities are provided making it <br />possible to switch consumers load over to another s~stem at <br />will; But the Minimum monthly standby charge to be iIO.OO <br /> <br />7. <br /> <br />8. STREET LIGHTING: <br />Flat charge for continuous connection to be lamp Wattage <br />times the hours use monthly at 3 cents per KNH. <br /> <br />9. MUNICIPAL RATE: <br />Bxcept for street lighting; The Town and its departments and <br />agencies must pay in cash monthly, at the same electrical <br />rate schedules offered to the public for the same class of <br />service. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />~(b) That the five-day limitation with the to% penalty provided <br />~ in section 5, be changed to re~uire all bills to be paid by <br />'~ the lOth. of the month and a 5~ penalty for non-payment <br />. ~ thereof. <br /> <br />\~~ SECTION 3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a complete and amenda <br />~ tory Ordinance shall be re-drafted, which Ordinance shall con- <br />~ ......:I;ai.ll t he provisions and sections of Ordinance No. 125 and <br />~ ~ainance No. 128 as amended by the terms of this Resolutio <br />and such amendatory Ordinance shall be presented to the Counci <br />for action thereon before January 4th. I938. <br /> <br />~CTIONlL BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that pending the adoption <br />of such re-written and re-drafted Ordinance covering the <br />matters as heremn set forth, it is expressly ordered that the <br />rates above set forth in this Resolution shall be and are in <br />full force and effect as of the date of the approval of this <br />Resolution, to-wit: December 28th. 1937. <br /> <br />Adopted under suspension of the Rules this 28th. day <br />of December, I937. <br /> <br />Approved December 28th. I937. <br /> <br />Mayor. <br /> <br />Attest: <br />?: ~ Clerk. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />It was moved by Councilman Manthey seconded by Gillilan <br />that all rules of the Council which might prevent, unless susp <br />ded, the consideration, final passage and adoption of said <br />Resolution at said meeting and its taking effect upon such <br />adoptionbe, and the same are hereby suspended for the purpose <br />of permitting the consideration, final passage and adoption <br />of said Resolution at this meeting, and its taking effect upon <br />such adoption. The question being put upon the adoption of <br />said motion to suspend the Rules, th~ Roll was called with <br />the following results: <br />Those voting AYE: Councilmen Davis, Gilliland, Manthey <br />',- and Osbo. <br />Negative None. <br />Counoilmen Blase and Jones being absent. <br />The Mayor thereupon declared said motion carried and such <br />Rules so suspended. <br /> <br />Counoilman Davis seconded by Councilman Manthey moved tha <br />said Resolution as read and for the purposes as stated in the <br />Resolution, be finally passed and adoptec" as read. The questio <br />being put upon the final passage and adoption of said Resol- <br />ution, th. Roll was called with the fOllowing results: <br /> <br />Those voting AYE: Councilmen Davis, Gilliland, Manthey <br />and Osbo. <br /> <br />Negative None. <br /> <br />