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<br />',-'j f', ;"~~ <br />~~ i:t~) <br /> <br />January 4, 1940 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />The Common Council of the Town of Seward, Alaska convened in <br />ostponed regular session in the Council Chambers on the 4th day of <br />an. 1940. <br /> <br />T,he meeting waE called to order at- eight o'clock P.M. by Mayor <br />rownell. <br /> <br />Councilmen present as follows: Benson, Doshen, Kennedy and <br />ei rer. <br />Absent: Gilliland and Jones. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br /> <br />Clerk presented a Bid of $25.00 for ~ Lot 23 in Blk 12, <br />y M. J. S. Rasmussen and the Motion was ::Jade by Con-ncilaan Kennedy <br />nd seconded by Councilman Doshen that the Bid be accepted. <br />ailing the roll on the, motion all Councilmen present voted AYE. <br /> <br />Ole Sandbeck present a bill of $19.78 for installing electrica <br />ervice to his home for -_7hich he asked the Council to pay half and <br />he Motion was made by Councilaan Doshen and seconded by Councilman <br />eirer that half the bill be paid. AS per motion passed on such <br />rrang_ements. Motion carried by unanimJus vote of all Councilmen <br />resent. <br /> <br />At this time Dr. Bannister appeared before the Council and <br />ade the plea asking the City to donate $lQO.OO to the salary of <br />Aiss Smith, the health nurse stationed at Seward and the notion <br />as made by Councilman Benson and seconded by Councilman Doshen <br />hat the C1 ty pay this a;:lOunt toward her salary. Motion carried <br />y unanimous vote of all Councilmen present. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />After some discussion by the City Council of notifying the <br />'eward Light & ~ower of the exploration of their so called fran- <br />hises (which is not recognized by the court) but which in all <br />justice the CouncEs feels that they should be notified that they <br />hall remove all poles and lines from the City Streets wi thin <br />hirty duys of October 14th, 1940. The Motion was made by Council- <br />an Kennedy and seconded by Leirer that a letter be sent to the <br />eward Light & Power notifying the::! of the above action taken 1JY <br />he Council. Motion carried by the unanimous vote of all Council- <br />en present. <br /> <br />As th~ee is a little over $200.00 per month payment due on the <br />uto patrol and the Cities finances being low ~ l.:otion was by <br />ouncilman Kennedy and seconded by Councilman Leirer that the <br />inance COllllUi ttee make arrangements to take over the balance due <br />n the Auto patrol wtich will probu~ly be a saving to the City on <br />. nterest. I.1otion carried by unanLJous vote of all Councilmen pre.lili <br />ent. <br /> <br />Clerk notified t he City Cou:lCil that the City Light Plant was <br />ow in finanoial good standing and owed the City a thousand dollars <br />orrowed which the City needed at present and a motion was made by <br />ouncilman Keanedy and seconded by Councilman Doshen that this <br />mount be drawn from the City Light Funds ahd derosited to the <br />eneral fund of the City. Motion carried by Unanimous vote of <br />11 Counci~men present. <br /> <br />Due to the low finances of the City Treasurer a discussion <br />had by the Council in which they rtied to cut expenses in some <br />ay having had no business for the City Attorney lately and seem- <br />ngly none in the near future a motion was made by Councilman <br />oshen and seconded by Councilman Kennedy that the office of City <br />ttorney be discontinued for the balance of the fiscal year . <br />lotion carried by nna.nLnous vote of all COI ncilmen present. <br /> <br />City bills presented and approved by the Finance Committee <br />mounting to $1437.93 as follows: <br /> <br />