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<br />42 <br /> <br />January 5, 1942. <br />RegulAr Meeting <br /> <br />The common council of the Town of Seward convened in regular <br />session at 8:10 P.M., Mr. Dahl, being absent. Mr. Harold C"mnen <br />was sworn in as councilman to fill the unexpired term of Mr."Rouse. <br />He was then appointed to fill the committee positions formerly heli <br />by Mr. Rouse, And the Mayor ordered four copies struck off of the <br />alterations in committee memberships. The bills for the rno~th were <br />then presented for examination. The City Clerk was instructed to <br />advertise for bids for wire to extend the enclosure around the <br />city dump. On the motion of Mr. Wagner, the second of Mr. Leonard, <br />and the unanimous vote of the quorum ~resent, on roll call, it was <br />decided to block that portion of Railroad Avenue, between the alleJ <br />separating CRl Brosius' apartments from the Arcade property, And <br />4th Avenue, in order to permit Mr. Hoben to commence excavating <br />the debris from his lots, and commence reconstruction. The City <br />clerk was instructed to remove any e0uipment remaining on thet <br />portion of the public streets. <br /> <br />--; <br /> <br />!' <br />I J.... <br /> <br />Mr. E.D. Webb, And Mr. Charles Evans constituted a delegation <br />from the bartenders And longshoremens union to request the council <br />to extend the opeijing and closing hours of liquor stores, and <br />saloons. They stated that the curfew on liquor sales was ineffecti~e, <br />as it was being bootlegged; and furthermore that it was not serving <br />the purpose of keeping liquor away from the soldiers, because <br />others were buying it for the soldiers, ~nd turning the liquor <br />over to them. It WAS also pointed out, that there were no restric- <br />tions on liauor sales out the highway. Mr. Wagner recommended <br />that the request be referred to the Civilian Defense Council, and <br />the headquarters at Fort Raymond. The Mayor replied that the com- <br />mittee could best accomplish their reauest by asking the officials <br />at the Fort to consent to opaing the lillIr stores for longer periods, <br />in which event the council would certainly comply. <br /> <br />--, <br />I ~ <br />I ' <br /> <br />Mr. John Blase requested approval of his oral application for <br />renewal of his cocktail bar license, and li~uor dispensary license, <br />by the council. He also requested permission to use the caterpill<Jr <br />owned by the City, And used for gravel hRuling, in order to excav- <br />ate the basement of his former saloon and apartments. This was <br />granted, with the condition that the e~uipment be returned in the <br />sqme C0nditi0n that it was lent' and that a reliable operator be <br />used to operate the equipment. Mr. Blase consented to observe <br />these conditions. <br /> <br />Mr. BlaRe then requested a refund from the City of his tobacco, <br />mercantile, and pool table licenses, his request was directed <br />to the District Court when it arrives in Seward, inasmuch as they <br />are the collecting agency of these licenses. The City Clerk was <br />instructed to communicate with various light plants in the Terr- <br />itory, in order to determine whether or not to refund deposits <br />on meters that were destroyed in the fire. <br /> <br />Mr. Baker representing the Civilian Defense Council , recommended <br />the hiring of an extra patrdman to assist in black out watch, frO! <br />4 P.M. to midnight. He also :r19do further recommendations concernir g <br />the reduction of liehted surfaces in Seward, while we nre running <br />on a restricted light basis. It was r~entioned that the Federal <br />government is issuing a blackout code, which perhaps will have to <br />be complied with by the people of Seward. The bills for the currert <br />month were then ordered paid. <br /> <br />~r. Sundborg representing the Disaster Loan Corporation introduccc <br />himself and explained his mi:'sion to tne 1'111siness people of SOWFirc <br />who warted to obtain money to rebuild the stores and 8partr~ents <br />destroyed in the recent fire. <br /> <br />A discussion then occurred concerninc; the h iring of a new fire <br />chief, And 8 neW police chief. The fire committee was instructed <br />to contact the volunteer fire deusrtment and see if an allowance <br />of $80.00 per month paid to the fire department, instead of $~O.OC <br />would insure a night watch by the fire department at the fire hall, <br />and the maintenance of the fire eauipment there. <br /> <br />-"" <br />