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<br />1 ~) r- <br />/ y". <br />-...-~ ~ <br /> <br />JANUARY 3, 1944 <br /> <br />REGULAR SESSION <br />JANUARY 3, 1944 <br /> <br />The Common Council convened in regular session at 8:15 P. M. <br />was called to order by Acting Mayor Cooper. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Present were: Councilmen Stilwell, Erdman, Paulsteiner, and <br /> <br />Absent were: Mayor Osbo and Councilman Stanton. <br /> <br />Minutes of the last session were approved as read. <br /> <br /> <br />The question of the note due Tony Parich was introduced by Mr. <br />'rdman. It was moved by Mr. 8rdman and seconded by Mr. Stilwell th t <br />the Note be paid and that Mr. Parich be presented with his tax stat - <br />ent. All Councilmen present voted AYE. <br />, for use by police department <br />Mr. Mann offered to rent the City/a car including spare tire <br />nd maintenance for $5.00 per day. The offer was rejected by no <br />action. <br /> <br />The following letter was read to the Council by the Clerk: <br /> <br />City of Seward <br />Seward, Alaska <br /> <br />Gentlemen: <br /> <br /> <br />We are returning herewith our checks for oity taxes. we <br />are convinced that no legal notice was given and no notice was <br />on or attached to your tax bill that there would be a p-enalty <br />if not paid by December 15th. <br /> <br />Yours 'truly <br /> <br />BROWN AND HAWKINS CORP. <br /> <br />T. W. Hawkins, Pres. <br /> <br />After discussion it was moved by Mr. Stilwell seconded by Mr. <br />Moser that the Clerk write to Brown and Hawkins stating that taxes <br />became delinquent December 15, 1943 and to cite Polaris notice and fx <br />if possible deliver to Brown & Hawkins a copy of the Polaris cnnt8i - <br />ing the NoticA. Unon roll ,call The f~tiMwiR~ Councilmen voted as . <br />follows: Mri;' : Stilwell and "h,. Moser AYE. Mr. Erdman and Mr. Paul- <br />steiner NO. Acting Mayor Coop~r declared the motion lost by not <br />having received a majority. <br /> <br /> <br />After further discussion it was moved by Mr. Moser seconded by <br />Mr. Erdman that the tax receipt be issued to Brown and Hawkins Corp. <br />and that no penalty and interest be assessed. Upon roll call Mr. ' <br />Stilwell voted Ne. The otaer Councilmen present voted AYE. <br /> <br />Salaries for the Month of December 1943 in the amount of <br />$2,062.64 were presented by the Clerk. It was moved by Mr. Erdman <br />seconded by Mr. Paulsteiner that the salaries be paid. Upon roll <br />call all Councilmen present voted AYE. <br /> <br />The following bills against the account of the Salt Water Main <br />Were presented by the Clerk: Paulsteiner, $3.85. John Cushing, Jr. <br />$320.00. Moved by Mr. Erdman seconded by Mr. Moser that the bills <br />be paid. Upon roll call all Councilmen present voted AYE. <br /> <br />The following bills against the City of Seward were presented <br />by the Clerk: Seward Water Supply, $135.00. Seward Drug, $11.45. <br />Andy's Express, $76.94. Paulsteiner's, $79.00. Seward Light and <br />Power, $26.09. Osbo's Electrical Supply, $43.50. It was moved by <br />Mr. Erdman seconded by Mr. Stilwell that the bills be paid. All <br />Councilmen present voted AYE. <br /> <br />8inee there WOE! fie fUFtfl~F BUEiiR@12I6 it ',-"."9.13 Hil2l.....88. BY My. })sC11- <br />et8iB8P S899B~8~ ~; Np. itil~811 t~8t the BassieR ajje8PR. 111 <br /> <br />