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<br />174 <br /> <br />JANUARY 15, 1945 CONTINURD <br /> <br />fAvorAhle or unfavorable. Upon roll call the Councilmen voted as <br />follows: Campen, AY~; Erdman, NO; Moody,AVR; Stanton, AYR, Stilwell <br />AYR; ~atsjold, NO VOT~. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Mr. Stilwell reported that the Tax Committee and the Mayor <br />had worked with Mr. Erdman and Mr Hay on the Tax Ordinanne but that <br />the ordinance WAS not ready for first readin~. <br /> <br />The City Payroll in the amount of ~1,804.44 and obligations <br />of the City previously OK'd by the Finance Committee were presented <br />by the Clerk as follows: Collector of Internal Revenue, .~52.65; <br />Territorial Treasurer, $398.50, and the following obli~ations were <br />presented by the Clerk for nayment: ~lASkA RAilroad, ~6.41: Andy's <br />Exoress, ~127.57; City Exoress, $2.06; ~. s. Darley, $158.96; K-R <br />Garage, $17.88; McMullens, $9.28; Irwin L. Metcalf, ~196.50; G~le's <br />GarARe, ~5~.95; Osbo's, ~24.7S: PAt's GBra~e, 13.75; Paulsteiners, <br />,83.00; Seward Druf!, $2.45; Seward Hardware, $6.70; Seward Li~ht and <br />Power, $24.19; Seward,.ater Supply, $140.00; Seward Volunteer Fire <br />Denartment, $52.50; Seward Library, $21.00; Mrs. Grace Snyder,~16.7J <br />It was moved by Mr. Erdman and seconded by Mr. .lats,101d that the <br />payment of Payroll and obligations OK'd by Finance Committee be con- <br />firmed and that the bill as presented be oaid. Un on roll call all <br />Councilmen Voted AYR. <br /> <br />-----. <br /> <br />Mayor Baker reported on the sewer situation of the Arcade and <br />directed the Clerk to notify Mr. Hoben that os soon as Mr. LechBsr <br />reported to the Street Committee and to the Council His claim would <br />be given further and complete conmideration. <br /> <br />The Seward Electric Sy~tem PRyroll in the amount of ~?,107.63 <br />And bills AS follows were nresented by the Clerk: Collector of In- <br />ternal Revenue, $310.40; Petty CAsh, 886.76; beward Uater SUDDly, <br />5.00; Sewar0 Light and Power, A7.50; Seward TradinR Company, $5.05; <br />Stannard 011, J!;S86.73; City ExprAss, $3.09; Sew8rd Hardware, Jt18.7::'; <br />Gen. Electric Supply Corp., ~ 92.12; Seward Machine Shop, ~10.64; <br />K-R GarA~e, $1.20; John P8ulsteiner, ~18.10; OSbo's, $5.16; It was <br />moved by Mr. Moody and seconded by iJr. ErdmAn that the salaries and <br />and bills be paid. Unnn roll CAll all Councilmen voted AYR. <br /> <br />--y- <br /> <br />Mrs. 3aehm's request to purchase Lots 1, 2, and 3, Block 14, <br />Townsite now belonging to AmeriCAn Missionary Society was presented <br />by the ClArk, who stated that these lots had not been assessed be- <br />fore the year 1943 but were assessed for the years 1943 And 1944. <br />It was the opinion of Mr. RAY, City Attorney,that, since these lots <br />had been Assessed for these last two yeArs, these taxes would hAve <br />to be paid. <br /> <br />The purchAse of the new fire siren as reouested by the Fire <br />Department was called to the attention of the Council by the Clerk. <br />It WAS tabled'temporarily but later Mr. Campen moved and Mr. StAn- <br />ton seconded that the 7} HP siren be purchased from the ". S. Darley <br />Company at a cost of $358.00. Unon roll call all Councilmen voted <br />AYE. <br /> <br />Mrs. Ray James representin~ the Seward Undertaking Company sta- <br />ted that llfr. Atkins would return to ::'eward, FridAV, January 19, 19L fi <br />to take care of the undertaking work in Seward. Mrs. Jemes stated <br />further thut it WAS practically impossible to get 8raves opened Anc <br />closed and reouested thA fullest cooperation of the Jitv in this <br />difficulty which coooeration was aGsured her by the Mayor and Coin- <br />cU. <br /> <br />Mr. Knight of the Seward Light and Power presented his views <br />on the purchase and consolidation of the pronerty 'Nhich he reoresert- <br />ed. Mr. Knight read a CODY of a letter to the Council written to <br />Mr. Steins withdrawing his offer to sell to the City of Seward. <br /> <br />Mr. Stanton reported that the bids for the purchase of the Se~- <br />ard Electric System light Ford truck were opened by ;Jr. Moody, the <br />Clerk And himself, the highest bid being $127.00. The truck Nas <br />sold. <br /> <br />Mr. 6tilwell had no report to make. <br />