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<br />") 1. (:' <br />'-~t ) <br /> <br />Re~u18r ciession, Continued <br />January 7, 1946 <br /> <br />After 8 brief discussion it was moved by Dr. '.,agner and secondled <br />by Mr. Campen that the resignation of Mayor Erdmann as Mayor of Sew~ <br />ard be accepted. Upon roll call all councilmen present voted in the <br />affirmative. <br /> <br />Mr. Hay reported that a reply to the complaint a~ainst M~tealf <br />And Smith had been filed. <br /> <br />Mr.~~\' Requested that his <br />cently discharged from the Service be <br />of the skating rink. <br /> <br />{ .- <br />. 1 " l-I -,,(~__ <br />son-ln- aw, "lr./..,iJc.".t, ""- re- <br />considered for the management <br /> <br />---, <br /> <br />A letter from Col. Ohlson, ~lAska Railroad, concerning the <br />payment of one half of cost of intallation of the GWM was reAd by <br />the Clerk. No action necessary. <br /> <br />A bid by .I. Earl Stewart of $75.00 for Lot 29, Block 26, 3ew- <br />ard Townsite was read by the Clerk. It WAS moved by Mr. Lechner <br />and seconded by Mr. Campen that the bid be accepted. Upon roll call <br />all councilmen voting voted affirmatively. <br /> <br />It was moved by Mr. ~atsjold and seconded by Mr. Loughead that <br />salaries and obligations of SES as presented by the Clerk'be paid. <br />Upon roll call all councilmen votin~ voted affirmatively. <br /> <br />Mr. Campen moved ann l\ir. '..atsjold seconded that the salaries ar <br />and obligations of the City of Seward as presented by the Clerk be <br />Paid. Upon roll call all councilmen voting voted affirmatively. <br /> <br />Acting Mayor Keating explained that there had been no reply <br />from Mr. Meek for the reason that the letter to Mr. Meek had not <br />been written. <br /> <br />It \"las moved by vir. Lechner and seconded by j,lr. \iatsjold that <br />letter be written to Mr. Meek concerning the Infantry Area of Fort <br />Raymond. Upon ~oll call ell councilmen voting voted affirmatively. <br /> <br />Mr. Ericson, City Treasurer, reported that check for last <br />~uarter mercantile licenses in amount of $222.~O had been received. <br /> <br />Old Business. <br />New Business. <br /> <br />Non e . <br />None. <br /> <br />Committee Reports. <br /> <br />There was no report on school by Mr. Lechner. <br /> <br />Mr. Campen had no report on streets but did report the new <br />Generating unit in readiness and he had been assured that the trans~ <br />mission line would be available not later than 1/15/46. <br /> <br />Mr. Cobban reported for the SES that there ~ere enough worth- <br />ington parts fo complete overhaul on all three units. It was re- <br />commended by Mr. Cobban thRt the bES take out some form of liabil- <br />ity insurance on the SES employees. Mr. Campen as Chairman end Mr. <br />Loughead were appointed on the committee to investigst Bna report. <br /> <br />Mr. '~8tsjold for the Fire Committee reported no fires. <br /> <br />Chief ~axwell reported that 379 meals had been served to city <br />prisoners at 8 cost of twenty cents per meal. He requested that <br />An ordinance be drawn up and passed renuiring the registration of <br />fire arms in the city. <br /> <br />Mr. GiVAn, ManRger of SL&P Rddressed the Council and reported <br />that when he took over the management'he was informed that on or <br />before uecember 1, 1945 Seward Light and Power would have installed <br />new switchboard and additional lines. Later he was advised by the <br />Mayor that the City of beward contemplated installation of 8 tele- <br />ph~ne system and the ~L&P would be ordered off the streets. Mr. <br />Givan requested information as to policy of 0urnlus jCroperty ,':3oArd <br />in connection with municipalities and companies on the ground. <br />