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<br />,-="'\~C :._a~_ ~""r:r;~-._"".::: t..~';.~_~r 2, <br />"/2/):' r"'~(nv::l~i['<, ~JuJ y <br /> <br />,~ <br />__ J,-. <br />J., ].963 re::;uL3T rr;ee t,in . <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />was manager of thr, A',a!'tmc",:; ,::nd Vi'. ? resides in a remote" area; <br />that la:;t year th(" <;L.;3CC;S,flf?:O'~, en k e 7 apar::.r'lents was :-;;500; tha~ D.(~ had <br />raised it to ;~150C, ch:lch 'il;::; ir El'::ccrdancC' 'dith a minimum value for <br />any taxpayer on tic(" . ,:>63 n<Ll ',vhere) the <lSj(;ssor made tile a~~3eS5rEe::lt, <br />that he believed thi:3 a f~l.r as:3e;:,3uent anJ r'ecornmended the petition <br />be denied. The Board of :=quali~.3ation eXar1ilV~d the petition which set <br />forth reason for r,?que:;t;ed reduction as beinL; that new furnis:1ings <br />amounted to three l:Jcd~.url priced it,2uS and all items rapidly deteriora- <br />ting and therefore believin~ thE increase from ~500. to $1500. irre~u- <br />lar. Clmn. ivalker - J move that the petition be denied on the T:ara- <br />thon Apartments. Seconded bv ~lmn. Vincent.. All in favor. Clmn. <br />Stockard - I move the ]warinr>; be closeq.. Seconded by Clmn. Vincent. <br />All ~'l favor.if:2C.~~ <br /> <br />July 2, 196:; reconveninG of July 1, 196.3 regular meeting: <br /> <br />?olayor Pro-tern L:entmire called the regular meetine; to order at 8:20 pm, <br />J1-11y 2, 1963. Roll was called and those present were hayor :lent-mire, <br />Councilmen Erma :Jalker,ivilliam Vincent, Paul .3tockard; l'olayor .stockton, <br />Clmn. Kirkpatrick and Drinkall being absent. City i,Tanager Harri:liln <br />was present. <br /> <br />Mayor Zentmire presented the Certificate of Appointment to the Council <br />to Councilman Paul E. Stockard, who had received the Oath of Office <br />on June 18, 1963 before members of the Council prior to inspection of <br />the new water improvements. <br /> <br />Item 2A - Minutes - Hyr. lentmire asked if there were any members <br />who hd not read the minutes for June 3, 10, 17 and 26, 1963. Clmn. <br />Walker advised she had read only through June 3, 1~?t)3. Clmn. Vincent <br />- I would move the a roval of the minutes of the regular meeting of <br />.June 3, J9 80 to ,0 inclusive jecon~od b9'6 Clmn. fap<er. , <br />All in favor. LAde , 1 :5 spec Q me e l,lng, <br /> <br />Item 3A - No persons had reque~3ted t.o be heard by the Council. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Item 4A - Public hearing regarding slae of certain City-owned real <br />property - The City Eanae;er reviewed the requirement3 of the Ordinance <br />regulating the sale of real property by the City and recited the de- <br />tails z;iving evidence of the City's compliance with these requirements <br />in connection with property now advertised for sale; that this public <br />he<ring had oeen called for the regular meeting of July 1, lSl6.3 which <br />could not convene for lack of a quorum and '.'125 postponed by t.hose <br />members ,vho gathered on July 1, 1963, to this time, that he had re- <br />ceived no written or verbal requests to be heard at this hearinz;. Eyr. <br />Zentmire asked if there was anyone present \VDo wished to speak on tilis <br />subject and there was no response. He then advised that there being <br />nc further discussion desired on this matter t,hat he would note fer <br />the record that a public hearing has been held on the sale of certain <br />City-ovmed real property as presently being advertised for sealed bid. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Item ~.B - Alaska Telephone Corporation request for ra~e increase - <br />The Tflanager reviewed the several steps ,^Thich have been taken by ATe <br />in pursuing their request for rate increase, including detailed pre- <br />sentation by ATC at the March 7, 196) meetine (See p~. 314, 315 and <br />316, Item 5H) and the study session presentation about a month ago <br />of ATe certified audit, at which time the City asked t;o receive anS1i/erS <br />to certain questions raised by the audit, and that vIe Ilave answers to <br />some of these questions directly from the Corporation's auditors; also <br />that ]ill'. Lauzon will be leaving due to t'.eal th and the Corporation is <br />asking for Council consideration while te is still here. <br /> <br />In answer to the Council's questions, Mr. Ball for ATe, advised that <br />the cash depreciation money item on the audit was not placed in the <br />bank but; has been pl()1iled back into the installation for ne'!T equipment, <br />etc., and referred to the particular items showin~ where it was used <br />last year within the City limits and advised that this was always the <br />situation that it was used in the City or at least in the area; that <br />for instance the 'tTorth of plant fi2:;ure \'Jas :.p87G2. sreater in 19,52 than <br />1961, callin:; attention also that their cert.ified audi I:. had sho'r/n no <br />discrepancies in the company audit of 1961. <br /> <br /> <br />Mr. Ball noted that services to the outlyin~ areas do not directly <br />concern this meeting, but would mention the~ as bein3 of beneficial <br />nature to area and that they had been a part; of the use of the cash <br />depreciation .last year - that about ~16,UOO had been spent in the <br />area of Eile J -1/2,Nash Road Sm 11 B ' <br />ported thi c , ' ,a oai; Harbor, I'!OOS e Pas sand re- <br />o program In detail. ' <br />