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<br />L' C Regular I(eeting January S, :;-961;. .1"2;) <br /> <br />Mr. Brent, Superintendent of 3chools, then presented the proposed <br />1964-65 School Budget and asked for any questions as he progressed <br />through the various sections. He advised ~hat the.Board ha~ studied <br />this budget in detail and resolved all thelr questlons and lt had re- <br />ceived the approval of all members of the Board. He also called atten- <br />tion to the fact that the form of presentation of the budget was differ- <br />ent as the State will not be providing any forms under the new Founda- <br />tion Support Program which is in effect as of July 1, 1964, and this <br />also means a departure from the old line-item reimbursement by the <br />State and instead the lmnp sum reimbursenent based student and teacher <br />units, attendance center units, etc. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. Brent called attention at the outset that this budget was an in- <br />crease over last year's which was $93,550.40 City effort and this one <br />$98,158.00 City effort, accounted for by such additional items as <br />three additional instructors for the following reasons: That at present <br />time in the elementary school two sections of grade three are extremely <br />crowded and do anticipate more students in this grade which will re- <br />quire an additional teacher; provision for a half time elementary librar <br />ian; half time guidance duties; total of three additional instructors <br />to handle expected increase in enrollment, one being scheduled for the <br />High School where 35 additional students expected, and with present <br />space and staff must be able to break up the offerings in certain sec- <br />tions; retention of the kindergarten operation without any support from <br />the State though there might be such support before the end of the <br />63-64 fiscal year due to manyurgent requests Going to the State; pro- <br />vides subsidy for the cafeteria; and for a nurse. Mr. Brent advised <br />again that all these items were in the budget request and all were <br />above last ~ear's approved budget except the nurse, so that for the <br />additional ~5,600 the School would be receiving a great deal of help. <br />Noting probability of previous study by Council, Mr. Brent asked if <br />there were questions. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The Manager advised that since conference with the Superintendent on <br />this budget that he recalled last year the City received a lot of lit- <br />erature from the Legislature that our School expense would be cut al- <br />most in half due to this new program, and asked if School expenses <br />had increased or if the bill had not done what it said it would. Mr. <br />Brent advised he was not aware of this but if information had been for <br />a one-half reduction of City effort, that the legislation had not done <br />this; that the City would see increases in some line items but asked <br />that the over-all budget be considered rather than items, saying that <br />he felt and the Board felt that their hands had been too tightly tied <br />in some of these line items. For purposes of comparison, Mr. Brent <br />noted that reimbursement from the State has increased proportionately, <br />being estimated at $310,000 in this request and last year was $265,832. <br />The Manager noted the total over-all increase in budget of $44,414 and <br />asked if the Superintendent could advise how much of this would be a <br />reduction to the City if the budget request were not increased this <br />year, and he advised that he would have to go back and study it to <br />answer this and reviewed the techniques of computing State's share. <br />The Manager advised tilt without questioning the desirability of the <br />increase requested, that if in considering such in over-all amount of <br />$44,414, that the City's portion was increased some 10~ rather than <br />the City's share of a budget similar to last year's being reduced by <br />about one-half, then he would like for the School Board to so int'onn <br />the City so that it might point this out to the Legislature, and it <br />was recalled that publicity was given allover the State of the changed <br />local effort under this new Program and Seward's anticipated reduction <br />of some $45,000. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />The Manager asked what Item 820(a) Property insurance was and Mr. Brent <br />advised it was for fire insurance though he did not know if it was a <br />reasonable amount and wondered if the School should expect to receive <br />a bill from the City on this; that insurance on the bus operation was <br />included in those figures. The Manager advised his thoughts that under <br />the new PI Plan that no need to bill the School for fire insurance on <br />School buildings as this a basis for computation only in securing PL874 <br />funds and added to the operations and maintenance figure for such by <br />the City; but this discussion then leading to concurrence generally <br />that the School should buy a liability policy for its school operations <br />and use this item for that and consider surplus when such cost known. <br /> <br />The Manager asked as a paren~ if the electrIcity item would allow enough <br />f~nds so restroom and hall Ilghts can be on all day and Mr. Brent ad- <br />v~s~d they are on all day no\'r except that he has asked the large hall <br /> turned off durin9 classtime - that as the days get longer <br />~hey ml~~t.turn ~estroom Ilghts off part of the time but intent alway~ <br />for SufIlclent Ilght. ' ~ <br />