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<br />"h) <br />fJ.... <br /> <br />PAGE 32 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING-DECEMBER 22, 1975 <br /> <br />VOLUME 17 <br /> <br />934 as amended. l'assed unanimously. 2. Approval of renewal of Beverage <br />Dispensary Licenses for Dorothy's Cocktail Lounge, Flamingo Lounge, Pioneer Bar <br />and Tony's Bar and Thorn's Showcase Lounge. Discussion followed and a memorandum <br />dated December 22, 1975 from the Chief of Police regarding the activities at the <br />Flamingo Bar was reviewed. Clmr. Hulm seconded by Clmr. Dague moved to renew the <br />Beverage Dispensary Liquor Licenses with the exception of the Flamingo Lounge. <br />Motion passed with Clmr. Gillespie voting "no." Clmr. Hulm seconded by Clmr. <br />Dieckgraeff moved to review the Retail Liquor Licenses for the Pioneer Liquor <br />Store, Seward Trading Co. and Tony's Liquor Store. Motion passed unanimously. <br />3. Suggestion of names to fill the expired term of John Noyes on the Kenai <br />Peninsula Borough Planning & Zoning Commission was noted but no names were <br />submitted at this time. 4. Bid Award Contract. Acting City Manager Baugh <br />reviewed the two bids which were received. The first bid from Bruce C. Sieminski <br />in the amount of five and one half percent (5 1/2%) of the total gross monthly <br />billings for the City of Seward and Seward Service bid in the amount of six <br />(6%) of the total gross. Clmr. Hulm seconded by Clmr. Dague moved to <br />award the garbage contract to Seward Service. Clmr. Dieckgraeff asked and was <br />given permission to abstain. Motion passed unanimously, with Clmr. Dieckgraeff <br />abstaining. <br /> <br />Item 11- Citizens' Discussion: 1. It was noted that there seemed to be a <br />continuing problem with dogs, especially at night and it was suggested that the <br />animal control officer be detailed to spend a few evenings each week in the <br />pursuit of violations of this type. <br /> <br />..~~-' <br /> <br /> <br />Dague moved to adjourn. Mayor Neve' adjourned <br /> <br />rton W. Baugh <br /> <br />ing. :<Ci ty Manager <br />" . <br />~.y}" ~Y <br />'2"" , .' ,.f <br /> <br />----~~;::~::j~~--------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />~~ l(IJ-J <br /> <br />Richard A. Neve' <br />Mayor <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING-JANUARY 12, 1976 <br /> <br />Item 1- The Regular Meeting of the Common Council of the City of Seward, <br />Alaska, for January 12, 1976 was called to order by Vice-Mayor Hulm at <br />7:38 P.M., in the Council Chambers. <br /> <br /> <br />Item 2- Roll was called and those present were Vice-Mayor Hulm, Clmr. 's <br />Dieckgraeff and Gillespie. Absent were Mayor Neve', Clmr. 's Dague and <br />Oldow. Vice-Mayor Hulm reported that a quorum was not present and that <br />the items on tonights agenda including the Public Hearing regarding the <br />proposed Waste Water Reclamation System would be held one week later on <br />Monday, J~g~~;y 19, 197~~ <br />- ~ .~ <br />Clmr. Gillespie moved to adjourn. Vice-Mayor <br />eting at 7:40 P.M. <br /> <br /> <br />;;V ~) <br /> <br />Hulm <br />