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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Sponsored by: Janke <br /> <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2000-059 <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br />ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO AN <br />AGREEMENT WITH PURCELL SERVICES TO PROVIDE SECURITY <br />SERVICES TO SUPPLEMENT PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT <br />EMPLOYEES AT CITY CAMPGROUNDS FROM 4:00 PM JUNE 30, 2000 <br />TO 2:00 PM JULY 4, 2000 FOR A CONTRACT AMOUNT, NOT TO <br />EXCEED, $20,310.72. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, following the 1998 4th of July celebration, numerous complaints and public <br />safety issues were brought forward by both visitors and local residents; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, as a result of these concerns, the administration, city council and concerned <br />citizens spent a significant amount of time identifying problems and defining solutions designed to <br />minimize disruptions to future 4th of July festivities.; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, solutions identified included reductions to camper density (both tent and RV), <br />adoption of an open container ordinance, increased efforts in the public education arena, physical <br />improvements to Waterfront Park, identification of numbered camping sites, and an increase in <br />security presence where the underlying intention was to create a safe, user friendly campground <br />designed to enhance the 4th of July experience for both visitors and local residents; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, in our efforts to visibly increase our security presence, a contract was let in <br />1999 to provide such services and this action was met with predominantly positive comments; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, this year the City Council again budgeted for security services, and an RFP was <br />published, in compliance with city ordinance, seeking proposals from experienced security guard <br />employers to provided this service; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, as a result of the year 2000 RFP process, two proposals, which were both <br />responsive and responsible, were received from Purcell Services, and Teamworks Inc., both from <br />Anchorage, and were evaluated according to the published criteria; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Purcell Services was given a higher rating based on higher points in three of six <br />criteria (Cost, Financial Stability & Resources and Performance); and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Purcell Services has agreed to provide uniformed, unarmed security Event <br />Staff, at six different posts, plus supervisors, supplementing city employees, for 20 hours a day (two <br />