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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />PAGE 11 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEEI'ING - JANUARY 11, 1988 <br /> <br />VOLUME 23 <br /> <br />ney Arvidson, Administrative Assistant <br />Martin, Port Marketing Director Gates, <br />Police Chief Bencardino, Utilities <br />Engineer Anderson, Parks & Recreation <br />Director Andrijanoff, and City Clerk <br />Murphy <br /> <br />IV. <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES: <br /> <br />HILTON MJVED TO APPROVE THE NOVEMBER 23 AND DECEMBER <br />14, 1987, MINUTES AS WRITTEN; THE MarION WAS SECONDED BY SIMUI'IS <br />AND CARRIED UNANJM.:>USLY. <br /> <br />V. APPROVAL OF CONSENT CALENDAR & REGUlAR MEETING AGENDA: <br /> <br />MEEHAN MJ\1ED TO MEEI' IN EXECUTIVE SESSION IMMEDIATELY <br />FOLLCWING THE CLOSE OF REGULAR BUSINESS IN ORDER TO DISCUSS A <br />PERSONNEL MATTER AND A CONFIDENTIAL MEMJRANDUM WHICH HAD BEEN <br />RECEIVED FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY CONCERNING PCJl'ENTIAL LITIGATION; <br />THE IDI'ION WAS SECONDED BY NOLL AND CARRIED UNANIMJUSLY. <br /> <br />0' Brien requested that Consent Calendar Item No. 18 <br />[rrerrorandum concerning possible consolidation of the Comnunity <br />Library into the city administrative structure] be placed on the <br />Regular Meeting Agenda as Item No. XI (A) . Schaeferrreyer with- <br />drew Regular Meeting Agenda Item No. IX (A) (2) [proposed <br />Ordinance No. 601, setting standards for vehicle windshields and <br />wipers] from the agenda. He stated that the administration <br />intended to present a resolution urging the state to adopt <br />cortparable legislation at the next nEeting. <br /> <br />MEEHAN MJ\1ED TO APPROVE THE REX;ULAR MEEI'ING AGENDA AND <br />THE CONSENT CALENDAR AS AMENDED; THE IDTION WAS SECONDED BY <br />SIMUTIS AND CARRIED UNANIM:USLY. The follooing actions were <br />taken: <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />1. Resolution No. 88-001, in recognition of the PERSONNEL/RESO: <br />outstanding contributions of Ronald A. Garzini to the city of <br />Seward, was approved and filed; <br /> <br />2. Resolution No. 88-002, authorizing the signatures <br />for the city bank account and rescinding all previous resolu- <br />tions in conflict herewith, was approved and filed; <br /> <br />3. Resolution No. 88-003, appointing Darryl Schaef- <br />errreyer as Interim City Manager and setting his salary, was <br />approved and filed; <br /> <br />FINANCE DEPT/RESO: <br />(Bank Account) <br /> <br />PERSONNEL/RESO: <br />(Appointments) <br /> <br />4. Resolution No. 88-004, authorizing the purchase PRISON/PURCHASING/ <br />of two sentinel sarrpler systems without full utilization of city RESO: <br />bid procedures, was approved and filed; <br /> <br />( C5E154755 ] <br />