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<br />THE CITY OF SEWARD <br />. ]>.GENOA FOR 'IRE ~..~ OF--<rHE CI.T'LCOUNCIJ, <br />TO BE HELD AT 7: 30 P.M., MONDAx.......DECEMBER .30., 1968 <br /> <br />1. call to Order: <br /> <br />i <br />2. opening Ceremony: <br /> <br />3... Roll call: <br /> <br />Mayor <br />councilmembers <br /> <br />_ R. W. Kirkpatrick <br />Oliver Amend abs(l) <br />_ E. G. Skinner <br />_ William M. Ullom <br />_ Bernard C. Hulm <br />_ Leonard J. Olson <br />_ Joanne C. Hoogland <br /> <br />4. Approval of Minutes, as presented ~~ from the bottom one/ <br />half of Page 10 through the top three/fourth's of Page 13(special <br />Meeting of December 23, 1968). PASS <br /> <br />.5. <br />I <br /> <br />citizens Discussion and Public Hearings: <br />1. Request from Seward Boosters Club for funds to help defray the <br />printing costs for a Seward Recreational Brochure. Tabled til 1/13/69 <br /> <br />/ <br />( C_ <br /> <br />:::ommuT'lirations: <br /> <br />7. Resolutions, Ordinance~ ;:ODd other Action items: <br />1. council proposal on the continuation of utility service for <br />Radio Station K I B H. <br /> <br />PASS <br /> <br />'2 Request for approval of permit for authorized games of eh:.!!..:.';. ....n.:'. <br />skill by A.) pioneers of Alaska, Igloo #9 - renewal and B.) Seward <br />chamber of commerce _ renewal. PASS <br /> <br />3. Resolution No. 736, supporting action taken against recently enacted <br />freight rate increasf"'-. PASS <br /> <br />8. Unfinished Business: <br /> <br />9. Reports from Borough Assemblymen: <br /> <br />10. council Discussion: <br />1. Discussion on the use of unmetered electric power to illuminate <br />a Christmas decoration, namely, the star on Oliver Amend's <br />property. FREE, METERED ELECTRIC SERVICE PROVIDED FOR BY COUNCIL <br /> <br />11. Adjournment: <br /> <br />Meeting time: 2:19 <br />