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The City o#' Seward, Alaska <br />.City.. Council _Meetin <br />October S, 2007 7:30 p.m. Council Chambers <br /> 1. Call to Order <br />Vanta Shafer 2. Pledge of Allegiance <br />Mayor <br />Term Expires 2007 3. Roll Call <br /> 4. Citizens' Comments On Any Subject Except Those Items <br />Willard E. Dunham Scheduled For Public Hearing. Those who have signed in <br />Vice Mayor will be given the first opportunity to speak. Time is limited to <br />Term Expires 2008 2 minutes per speaker and 30 minutes total time for this <br />Robert Valdatta agenda item.) <br />Council Member 5. Approval Of Agenda And Consent Agenda Approval of <br />Term Expires 2007 Consent Agenda passes all routine items indicated by <br /> asterisk (*). Consent .Agenda items are not considered <br />Robert Thomas separately unless a council member so requests. In the event <br />Council Member <br />Term Expires 2007 <br />of such a request, the item is returned to the Regular <br /> Agenda) <br />Steve Schafer <br />Council Member 6. Special Orders, Presentations And Reports <br />Tenn Expires 2007 A. Proclamations and Awards <br />Jean Bardarson 1. City Council Meets the TYC Councils .............Pg 4 <br />Council Member 2. National Lights On After School Proclamation..Pg 5 <br />Term Expires 2008 3. Domestic Violence Awareness Month ............Pg 6 <br /> 4. Seward Chamber of Commerce recognition.....Pg 7 <br />Linda Amberg <br />Council Member 5. Teacher of the Year -Laura Beck ................Pg 8 <br /> <br />Tenn Expires 2008 6. Alaska Historical Societ "Volunteer of the Year" <br />Y <br /> Awarded to Lee Poleske ............................Pg 9 <br /> 7. Appreciation Certificate for Tom Shepard..:...Pg 10 <br /> 8. Plaque presented to Robert. Thomas for his dedicated <br /> <br />Phillip Oates service on the Seward City Council. <br /> <br />City Manager B. Borou h Assembl Re ort <br />g Y P <br /> C. City Manager's Report <br />Jean Lewis D. Seward Port and Commerce Advisory Board Report <br />City Clerk E. Other Reports, Special Presentation <br />Brad Meyen <br />1. Presentation about contract services by Swan <br />Cheryl Brooking Employer Services. <br />City Attorney 2. Report by Patricia Linville on the Library/Museum <br /> Project. <br /> 3. Introduction of the City's 2008 budget by City <br /> Manager Phillip Oates. <br />City of Seward, Alaska Council Agenda <br />October 8, 2007 Page 1 <br />